Herbal Medicine

My particular brand of herbalism spans the science and into the magic and back again. In laymen’s terms I use my experience gained from being a nurse and paramedic for 12 years in the field with the factual & historical wisdom gained from classes, teachers, mentors and good old fashioned research and experimentation, together with my own intuition… Continue Reading →


Welcome to the new and improved website!  Formally known as Rainique Herbs, now known as Rainique.org.  Here you will find info on herb classes, products and holistic consulting, as well as posts related to sustainable holistic living, various building projects, organic gardening and much more to come.  Please click here to enter this unique world,… Continue Reading →


A Summary of Courses offered at Mountain Woman Medicine: ……. (coming soon) Plants & People When I first started learning of plants and their medicines, it was in the kitchen or in the garden, walking through the fields, and sometimes, in the class room.  I learned by putting my hands on the plants, examining them… Continue Reading →


“Mountain Medicines, Spoken in the Language of Science” So what is  “Mountain Woman Medicine” anyway…? To put it Simply. I’m a woman livin on a mountain, in a cozy tinyHouse, surrounded by Beautiful, Practical, Functional items and outdoor spaces that have been crafted with spirit and many helping hands. From the stock tank wood-fired soaking… Continue Reading →

Meet Ups!!

Did you know there’s a Community Garden that looking for members in Endicott NY?!? * Have you heard of RealityFree Wednesday?? You’ll find that there too! Come follow Nemeton on Meet Up where you can hear first hand when the new events are opening. Such as: Target Tuesday’s Friday’s Garden 2 Plate (cooking classes) Community… Continue Reading →


I offer a range of services involving the following: Human design, Gene Keys, astrology, tarot, runes, spirit messages, dream interpretation, fire gazing, spirit walkAbouts, relationship therapy, ShadowWork, facilitated journey’s and rituals, Sacred Fire, herbal medicines, plant allies, herbal classes, plant identification walks, essential oil usage, holistic health consultations, psychic & empathetic readings, channeling, mediumship, sacred… Continue Reading →

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