Trajection is a tri-bridging word that dances with Direction, Trajectory & Projection. Trajection: [Noun, Verb, Adjective]A person’s Internal Direction (Motivation), with action based Trajectory aligned with a mission or purpose, while also considering the Projection that others may see/be impacted by. (also used as Trajectory) Raine E. Ford (2021) (Example #1) When Raine considered her … Continue reading Trajection

What is AOTSS?

Alchemy Of The Seasons is a Community Training School that has a multifaceted purpose.

To bring Medicines to The People

To bring Healers to their Medicine 

To support integrity, wisdom, perseverance, responsibility, accountability and SelfCare through training for the leaders, teachers & healers of tomorrow.

What is InnerCartography‚ĄĘ?

Think of it a little-like reverse engineering what you Need for the place where you Are and a Tool for honing ones Trajection.


MapMaking is both simple and uniquely complicated business. For when we know the terrain of our own Being (or another’s), we can better navigate the world and our relationship with All Things. We are composed of so many things, our divine essence, our human expression (our shadows), the choices we make, the stories we hold dear, what we value, how we spend our time, the inner dialogue of our head, and how we interact with others.