I offer 2 kinds of readings.  Emotional Intuitive readings & Spirit Message Readings.

Emotional Intuitive readings are comprised of my ‘feeling’ into a situation on Your behalf. Though in this sense, I am feeling into the emotions of a situations, not just the facts, though facts are often present.
I listen from a place of empathy, this means I feel your situation in my physical body and translate that into language that we can share an understanding in.   I have learned and continue to learn the language of spirit as it relates to us on the physical realm.  What I call Spirit and The Web, you may call God, or the Holy Spirit.

Spirit Message Readings are comprised of consulting the spirits by act of divination & ‘listening’, utilizing tools that I have developed deep rapport and language with.  With the sound of your voice, I find the frequency and put that to the Spirits asking what they have to share.  This may often not answer the question that you think you want an answer too.  For They have a message For You.  Do you want the message or do you want to keep the to the question?  The choice is yours.  As always.

What I can’t help you with is questions such as: What is my boyfriend doing?

What I can help you with is: I’m scared, that I don’t know what my boyfriend is doing, how can I move out of this.

I come from the premise that the core of understanding must begin with one’s self.

I am here to help YOU.  Not find out why your boyfriend is being an ass, or when he will return.  But rather, what you can do to not live in a place of such unhappiness.

In both types of readings I speak from a place of learned language that I obtained through deep intensive classes and experiences.  I speak the messages that I feel spirit conveying. I “feel into Truth” by using the sounds of nature, and the visual world around me.  You could call me Clairaudient and Clairvoyant and clairsentient, to use modern terms.  It may or may not be as direct an answer that you might think you want, but trust me when I say, that the inner work that we invest in, is SSooo worth it, no matter the situation.  For WHO we ARE ripples out and draws back WHAT WE WANT.

The spirits speak THEIR message, not your answers.  Its up to you to choose how you  process and proceed, make the wisest choices for yourself, with the answers given acting as a guide or advisor.

So if somethings is sounding ‘off’ speak up… this is for the betterment of YOUR understanding, not about me being right.  Silence indicates understanding. Speak up and we go deeper. Stay Silent and I will think you understand what that message means for you.

As all transactions go, there is a fair and equal exchange that must occur.   I am $150 an hour. Acts of Barter / Trade, so long as it meets a Win/Win dynamic, are also acceptable.  (please state upfront if this form of exchange is required.)


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