Calendar of Events



InnerCartography 1 (A 6 week delve)


Self Transformation Intensive
[Sept 1-3 2017 @ Nemeton]

A weekend intensive of exploring Your spirit purpose withIN YOU.  Using tools such as Human Design, Traversing Emotional Bridges, Active Meditation and other various spirit messaging tools, we will explore your soul’s path and purpose.  Outlining for you a direction that you may choose to experiment with and make actionable decisions to enhance your life and others in this here and now.  Actions that will bring you into closer contact with those of like minds and hearts, enhancing the resonance of whatever it is that you are setting your intention towards.

Weekend Sylibis:
Shadow identification & Transformation,
Becoming aware of Not-Self themes,
Mentality of Abundance and the re-Sacredization of business.
Deepening your attunement to spirit, its messages and guidance.
Developing your Relationships.
Creating actions and habits that will enhance your connection to your inner truth,  your purpose, your connection with community and assist in Clarifying your Trajectory in life to empower you to manifest your souls vision.

Come prepared to change and be changed, to relax deeply into the serene sanctuary of The Mountain.  The gurgling of creeks, the wind through the trees, bird calls and frog songs. Enjoy fires under the stars, relaxing hot tub soaks, fresh grown mountain food, music, cleansing tears & laughter.  Camping is nestled deep in spiritual groves, accessibility to water and indoor toileting facilities and outdoor showers.  Meals will be a combination of potluck and garden grown delights.

$200 per person.  Payable by Paypal to Please include the following with your payment:  Your full name, date of birth, time of birth and location of birth.   Once payment has been received you will receive a confirmation email containing more detailed info.
*If you have dietary needs please let us know.


“A Weekend of Removing Obstacles”.  (At Nemeton)

Step into your winter work, with a Smashing Lodge, all genders Moon Lodge,
Dance Lodge and    SacredFire. A camping event, $200 per person. *scholarships available.
Sept 22-24 2017 @ Nemeton


Ongoing Monthly Women’s Moon Lodges. (At Nemeton)  March – October

March 25th [Weaving the Willow Room
April 15th [Cracking Open the Seed]
May 13th [Breaking Cycles]
June 17th [Guardianship]
July 15th [Harvest Abundance]
August 11th [Leo Gathering]
Sept 23rd [General Moon Lodge – As apart of event “Removing Obstacles” -see above
Oct [TBD]


Smashing Lodge  (At Nemeton)

May 27th (1pm-5pm)
Sept 23rd (As apart of “Removing Obstacles” event – see above)


Rose Garden SacredFire

SacredFire, mindWaking music, ceremony, community.  Bring a snack to share, donation to Nemeton, instruments to play, something to sit on and please, Come As You Are.

August 9th 2017 6-10pm


Soaking Tub Symantics

Twin fires: one to warm At, one to warm IN.  Full soak or foot soak in a hot wood fired bathing tub.  Sip a beverage, listen to The Mountain song and lets talk symantics.  No! not the silly kind, rather the kind that invites a shift in launguage, a deeper understanding of what is REALLY going on.  Lets delve.  Delve into the waters, into the mind and hearts and talk about whats REALLY GOING ON!  Bring a snack to share, Towel, Something to sit on, Donation for Nemeton and an open mind!

Wed – August 16th 2017


Tiki Lounge [Hosted by DJ HyperSloth]

May 1st – August 2nd
Occurred every Wednesday night 6-10pm
Food, Friends, Fire, good drink, good talks.
[No longer ongoing]


Samhain Walk of Souls.   (At Nemeton)

Oct 31st  (6pm-12pm)


Monthly Women’s Moon Lodges  [March – Oct)

March 5th  [Worm, Sap & Crow Moon]
April 9th  [The Ways of Women Under a Super Moon]
May 21st  [Egyptian “Blue” Moon Rite & The Building of the Willow “Womb” Room]
June 25th  [Rose Moon}
July  30th
August 27th  [Honoring Beauty]
Oct 1st  [Winter’s deepening work]

Samhain Walk of Souls – Oct 31st



A weekend herbal intensive: The Makings & Usage of a Home Apothecary.
August 28th – 30th 2015, @ Nemeton (Endicott NY)

This includes basic plant identification, wildcrafting & stewardship, harvesting & processing, medicine making, basic first aid and its herbal counterparts and intro to human & plant energetics. Total class hours ~30

List of supplies to bring for medicine making: 10-15 small jars with tight seal lids, 1.75 liter bottle of clear vodka or rum 40%, 64 oz isopropyl alcohol 70%, 64 oz of olive oil. All other supplies will be provided.
We will work primarily with creation of tinctures, liniments/washes, poultices and infused oils.

Camping is an option for those that might be coming in from out if town, or who would just like to submerge themselves in the experience. Water and facilities available onsite.

Location: Nemeton. (Endicott NY)

Class will meet 10am till 8pm each day. With breaks of course.

Class minimum is 3, max is 8.
Cost: $247 (partial barder and trade available upon request). All proceeds and barder\ trades will go towards the building of a tiny code approved dwelling on Nemeton!

Samhain: Walk of Souls: Oct 31st 2015


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