The Planted Stance of a Battle Born Skin Shifter

Once upon a time I swear I had a heart, until the world I came to know tore it all apart.
So as I bent to picked up the leaves, these pages of my book of dreams, I swore this to myself….

Be selective with the people you let in your life and… Allow no strife.
Choose wisely your companions and… Be humble in your dealings.
Decide the line and hold it… Grab your bow and string it.
Trust in Allah and… And tie your damn camel!
And if someone is offended, that doesn’t automatically make you wrong.
Your truth is just that, YOUR truth.
Talk straight the truths you feel, just don’t go knockin others over like a bowling pin.
Don’t let small-minded people make you feel small, when you’re in fact actually rather tall.
Don’t let haters bring you down, don’t let them shake up your day.

And Never Ever apologize for standing on the ground you were born too.


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