Brief Intro to AOTSS: Here on The Mountain of Nemeton we Walk With The Seasons, on the Guiding/Education side I take a yearly ride around the “Alchemy of the Seasons Calendar”. Where each Season is dedicated to a topic that is appropriate for internal and external growth. YOU get to choose how long you ride The Train for! You can sign up for a single course (be mindful- some Courses are multi parts – meaning they stretch over a couple few months.) Or choose to stay on the course ride for as long as you want. (***Until further notice ALL of these courses are being offered in an online modality) Typically the summer ones have been offered in-person on The Mountain – but for 2020-2021? they are all online (through Zoom & MWM & Nemeton Slack).

Next up in the Alchemy Of The Seasons… Gene Keys!

 March 10th 17th & 24th, Wednesday nights 6:30-8pm EST

IC: Gene KeyMini Deep Dive into the Activation Sequence (4 Prime Gifts)
of Gene Keys, with Notes, RecordingsDiscussions and Downloads with Raine E. Ford

*Why Study Spectrum’s?*When we study spectrum’s, we can start to broaden our perspectives.  Moving from black & white, good & bad thinking into seeing how all these aspects have a role to play and where our choices (power) can be found.  In doing so we can illuminate wounds that need healing, strengths that have yet to be tapped into and understandings of the world around us that we might not have otherwise noticed.  

This will be a 3 week Deep Delve into the world of Spectrums, using the 64 IChing and the Gene Key System to explore a journey that often erily shines lights on otherwise hard to see areas of our lives.  If you are ready to shine a light into dark areas and look for gold – that might be covered in mud – and experiment with cleaning it up, transumitng the lead of your life to gold, then this journey might be for you!  

***This is not a drop in module. If you need to miss a session, the main discussions will be recorded and available to you. 

The Details:  Wednesday March 10th, 17th & 24th, 6:30-8/8:30pm. 
This module’s Exchange is $150 (or $50 per week)  
If you have it, please pay it, if you don”t and you feel Called to this work, there are other options listed in the registration form for sliding scale exchanges, barters & scholarships. 

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