Welcome to Alchemy Of The Seasons School

The InnerCartography Season will kick off this year on November 9th.
(The verrry last day to register is November 5th, and please don’t wait till then.)
There is an early bird registration until Oct 22nd.
The 5th of November there will be a Human Design Map Orientation Session lead by Stephine Feral (To be kept up-to-date it is helpful to sign up for my newsletter.)

Mountain Woman Medicine & Nemeton Wellness Collective Present…..
 “Alchemy Of The Seasons School” (AOTSS)
InnerCartography: Human Design Modules 1-3
 A Study of Mechanics
This first starts off as Experimentation.  These are ways of understanding that are based in studying from the binary layer through to multi faceted, inter-connected, robustly woven Mechanics.  Mechanics can be a strange and wonderful tool. To be able to look at something Objectively is deeply valuable, like looking at a schematic while you’re building something. It’s like a simple math equation for the many varied facets of Huvinity (our Human & Divine). 

The InnerCartography, Human Design Delve Starts in November

Module 1 Summary (Nov) Strategy, Authority, Profiles & Variables
With this system we’ll be looking at ways in which we can feel our own internal Strategy (which comes from understanding our Energy Type) and knowing how to make decisions from YOUR Authority (not someone else’s). We’ll also explore and gain an understanding of how we Walk Through The World, Consciously & Unconsciously (Lines & Profiles), and ways in which we can be mindful of how we set our Perspectives & Motivation, and be aware of our environment and what we consume (Variables)

Module 2 Summary (Dec) Centers, Defined & Undefined
Here we will study the 9 Centers of the bodygraph in their Defined (Constant), Undefined (Lessons & Wisdoms), and In Relationship. Here we will study from our own lived experiences, inside of this mapping system, the various Effects (Changes) and Affects (Impacts that cause Change) within each other. 

Module 3 Summary (Jan) Channels, Circuitry & Reading the Map
Channels are threads & flavors of internal connections that connect the centers together like streams gather to a river that creates the bodygraph’s Circuitry. (Think Mobius Strip). Gates (that make up Channels – also called Keys) are a microcosmic delve into spectral based unique personal expressions. Lastly we will cover the basics on Reading The Map, which is essentially developing the skills and intuition to study Mechanics to better understand projections, opportunities for expansion, & connection.

*Join me for 1 or all 3 of these modules (each one is a 4 week delve – 3 in-depth session with a “Meeting at the Crossroads, Integration, Q&A” Session in between)
Human Design Module 1
Course Timing & Layout
Oct 4th Registration opens (early bird signup discount $200, until Oct 22nd.
Nov 5th: Last day to register 
      Nov 9th: First day of Class
                    Orientation & Energy Types
      Nov 16th: Authority Types
      Nov 16th: Lines & Profiles
      Nov 30: Integration, Q&A, 

Integration, Q&A, Monthly AstroCartography Session Information:
(Also known as Meeting At The Crossroads) 
These sessions are a break from the deep dives to allow for integration in the body mind and emotions. During these sessions we check in as a community, have time for questions & we look at general active astrocartographical weather. 
Exchange is $250 per Module/Month*
If this is hard, AND you feel Called & Committed to this GrowthEdge work, there are Sliding Scales, Reciproconomy options & Scholarships that are also available in the registration link below.(Please read closely & follow all instructions.)

To learn more about the course flow, logistics, and taking sneak peak ahead at the next 6 months, Click to read InnerCartography Newsletter.


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