Alchemy Of The Seasons is a Training school that has a multifaceted purpose.
To bring Medicines to The People
To bring Healers to their Medicine
To support integrity, wisdom, perseverance, and SelfCare through training for the leaders, teachers & healers of tomorrow.

The school has 2 branches, online & on-Mnt.
Online has many different kinds of classes that are offered on a rotating season basis.

We shift with the seasons, reason & rhyme, offering a weekly community gathering space, as well as education & experiences on a variety of topics that can all loosely be gathered under the umbrellas of: InnerCartography, Medicines, Ceremony & Pillars.

The online school is held through Zoom and Discord. (Has been running non stop for 2+ years.) currently it meets 1 day a week, and is moving to 2-3 days per week with the addition of carefully selected teachers and guides.

The On-Mnt aspect is based in multi spectral Immersive Experience. Education, Discussion and Sensory Experiences. (Intensives & Immersions). As well as training and practice in building & maintaining containers for transformation to happen in – Pillars). Herbal medicine preparations & usage, InnerCartography, and huvinity expansion through the use of ritual are always constant These along with various other practices (such as Smash Lodges, Elemental Lodges, Moon Lodges, Crucible Ritual, Dance Lodges, and more.

AOTS is a branch of Nemeton’s Wellness & Sanctuary Collective. MWM is it’s Guidian.

Our collective Mission is to live by example in our walk & talk, a Huvinity powered Trajection of Expansion in a Sustainable and Integral Way

~MWM 🐾♥️🐾

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