IC: Gene KeyMini Deep Dive into the Activation Sequence (4 Prime Gifts)
of Gene Keys, with Notes, RecordingsDiscussions and Downloads with Raine E. Ford

 March 10th 17th & 24th, Wednesday nights 6:30-8pm EST 2021

*Why Study Spectrum’s?*

When we study spectrum’s, we can start to broaden our perspectives.  Moving from black & white, good & bad thinking into seeing how all these aspects have a role to play and where our choices (power) can be found.  In doing so we can illuminate wounds that need healing, strengths that have yet to be tapped into and understandings of the world around us that we might not have otherwise noticed.  

This will be a 3 week Deep Delve into the world of Spectrums, using the 64 IChing and the Gene Key System to explore a journey that often erily shines lights on otherwise hard to see areas of our lives.  If you are ready to shine a light into dark areas and look for gold – that might be covered in mud – and experiment with cleaning it up, transumitng the lead of your life to gold, then this journey might be for you!  

***This is not a drop in module. If you need to miss a session, the main discussions will be recorded and available to you. 

The Details: 

Wednesday March 10th, 17th & 24th, 6:30-8/8:30pm. 
This module’s Exchange is $150 (or $50 per week)  

If you have it, please pay it, if you don”t and you feel Called to this work, there are other options listed in the registration form for sliding scale exchanges, barters & scholarships. 

The next course in Mountain Woman Medicine’s “Alchemy of the Seasons” School, February 2021, is … currently being determined (TBD)

InnerCartography I: Module 1-3, “The Retreat Into Self” (Nov-Jan 2020-2021)

We all have a Vision and Mission in life (whether we know it or not). To know ourselves, is a big part of the game. To know others is another part. Human design helps us discover ourselves, our strengths, roles, challenges and lanes. It also helps figure out who we will naturally gravitate to and who will help us accomplish our Vision & Mission in life. This system allows you to use Keys to unlock the secrets of your Being and how you interact in the world. It offers an opportunity. If this resonates, then these modules are for you.

Join me for 1 or all 3 of these InnerCartography modules (each one is 3 week delve – with a “Meeting at the Crossroads” Session in between.) We’ll be working with the First Stage of Human Design and Gene Keys, where we will be studying two streams of Mapping simultaneously. One being Understanding Human Mechanics (Human Design) and the other a Contemplation of our Possible Spectrums (Gene Keys).

InnerCartography I modules 1-3 cover…

  • IC: Module 1: Human Design Bodygraph
    • Session1: Moters & Energy Types (Generators / Manifestirs / Projectors / Reflectors)
    • Session 2: Strategy’s & Authority’s
    • Sessions 3: Profiles
    • Gene keys overview: Activation Sequence.
  • IC: Module 2: Human Design
    • Session1: Centers Defined
    • Session 2: Centers Undefined
    • Session3: Centers in relationship
  • IC; Module 3:
    • Channels & Circuits
    • Gates & Planets
    • Putting it all together (Reading the Chart)

Prerequisite: Have had a personal 1:1 with me to go over the basic aspects of YOUR Human Design chart. (For new folks this Session is $90 or you can discuss other arrangements with me.). Those modules need to be taken in order, unless you already have a grounding in Human Design system and just want to syrupy a particular aspect.

For this Course, You must have:
•Online access
•An Ability and Willingness to spend 3-4 hours per week doing out of class reading / watching videos / doing homework.

Each Module Includes:
•(3) 1-2 hour videos to BE WATCHED BEFORE each live session on Wed. (1 each week)
•(3) 2 hour live online class sessions via Zoom on Wed nights. These sessions will also be recorded, audio only – for those who may miss the live session.
•Access to Slack Channels that hold all downloadable documents for the duration of the course.
•A private chat space to ask questions.
•Class audio recordings available day after class.
•Notes. Diagrams. Pictures. Digital Workbook.
•Recommended Reading List

Cost for IC Module 1: $150
(Other arrangements available in the Registration link above if $$ is hard)

Next up in the “Alchemy Of The Seasons” (AOTS) School

Foundations of Journey Work Starts October 14th

Join the Alchemy Of The Seasons (AOTS) for this 3 week delve where we will discuss some of the foundational aspects of Intention, Setting The Space, Listening and Interpretation.

***Why do we choose to Journey?***

To get answers/healing that aren’t available in the conscious realm, for ourselves or others. There’s the individual’s journey and there’s the journey for others. *Start with & Master The Self first. There’s many ways to Journey.. often it’s a blend. 

  • Physical Journey 
  • Mental Journey
  • Emotional Journey 
  • Spiritual journey 

And within those there is the aspects of them being:

  • Inner Journey (answers from within).
  • Spirit Journey (answers from outside). 

IMPORTANT things for Journey Work

  • Setting an Intention or making a request.
  • Setting the Space
  • Learning how to Listen.
  • Learning how to Interpret.

*Application is its own process and work. (Taking that info and doing something with it). 

Setting a request and an intention.  
Meet spirit in the middle. Expanding. 
Expanding is about expanding your own energetic spiritual BEing. 
Listening involves quieting the mind. 
Stepping out of your own emotional pain. 
Being open & confident (trusting) that you will receive a message. 
Then listening with a focused yet soft field that allows all the info to come in one sound/image at a time. 

Tools that help you to Tune IN

  • Atmosphere
  • Music 
  • HeartSonging (Toning)
  • Silence
  • (And many others…)

Interpreting involves learning your Language with Spirit & that spirit speaks through symbols & feelings (hearing, imagery, sensory, feeling & knowing) 

Spirit taps into the Language of the world around us. It also taps into our past experiences and relationships. It can often use the language of:

  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Numbers
  • Animals 
  • Feelings

To share or communicate with us, if we understand the language, then a relationship develops over time.


This Module is Composed of 3 weeks of the above mentioned course work and 1 week at the end, of “Meeting At The Crossroads”.  Where we check in on the energies in our global Environment, each other and /invite/welcome new folks to The Alchemy Of The Seasons School (AOTSS). 

This Course starts and runs through October 14th, 21st & 28th, 2020. 
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30/9pm EST.

Exchange is $150 

(Alternate options exist in the Registration Link below, If Needs be) 

Follow this Registration Link to learn more and sign up!
If your looking for the Event Link, Click HERE.
Please look for an email after you register and follow the directions ASAP!

Registration is due by midnight Monday October 12th. Please do not wait till the absolute last minute to register!!

**We use Slack & Zoom for this work together. These Apps must run on your devices and you’ll need a decent wifi connection to tune for Live Class Sessions. Also, All sessions are recorded & posted! So if you have to miss a class or want to Take It At Your Own Pace, you can. PS. You are not Fully registered until you have made it into Slack!! Follow the directions that get sent to your email after registration to get into Slack, where all the courses are held. You will be added to the private course channels after I see you have arrive in Slack.

All aboard for The Mind, Body & Spirit of SelfCare course!

This 3 week Module is a gentle journey into the realm of Holistic SelfCare.

We’ll be taking a look at some of things that you can do to take really good yummy care of yourself, and how to do so with natural means. (Herbs, things you have in your house).

Each week We’ll discuss how to make more SelfCare Tools for the Body. We’ll cover the gambit from: massage oils for the skin, flower essences for the Mind and its Intentions, bath herbs, toothpaste, arm pit deodorant (pit paste), making your own incense, facial toners & aftershave.

We’ll chat about our Mental SelfCare and our Internal SelfTalk and We’ll Touch on Connecting on an energetic / spiritual level with our Plant Allies.

This Module is Composed of 3 weeks of the above mentioned course work and 1 week at the end, of “Meeting At The Crossroads”. Where we check in on the energies in our global Environment, each other and /invite/welcome new folks to The Alchemy Of The Seasons School (AOTSS).

This Course starts and runs through September 2nd, 9th & 16th, 2020.
(Wednesdays 6:30-8:30/9pm.)

Exchange is $150
(Alternate options exist in the Registration Link below, If Needs be)

  • May-September (Herbal Studies & Practices)
  • October (Journey Work)
  • November-January (InnerCartography)
  • February-March (Traversing Emotional Bridges)
  • April (Intro to Pillars Work) *which continues privately through the year.

*There is also now a 2nd year level (through Jan) being planned and implemented as of Nov 1st 2020. It will move to 2x a month Live Discussion Sessions. They are also invited to the InnerCartography Wellness Clinics (Also known as Meeting At The Crossroads) at the last week of the month. It’s Exchange will be$100/month.

As this is in-depth work there is more accountability, as such the Requirements will be:

  • Have completed previous years season, with active participation, including Homework.
  • Keeps up on Homework

Herb II: Emergency Holistic Wellness

July & August 2020

The general flow is 3 weeks of intense delving and 1 week of gentle integration, Q&A, Open Temple time (called “Meeting Of The Crossroads” (where others can join by student invitation or by reaching out to me).

Wednesday Evenings have & continue to be our meeting days. (This could change by mine & group approval) The deepest way you can journey with me is to jump on the train and take it for a whole year’s cycle.
You Can also just take pieces and parts as it suits you.

The exchange is $150 per month/module

If this is hard, there are other exchange options listed in the Registration link

Click to Register Here for the
Emergency Holistic Wellness Course

All aboard for the Emergency Holistic Wellness Course!

This may be the only time I teach Herbal Medicine Making this year. If you know how I teach, then be ready for an 8 week jet plane, blow your mind with info, type of course. 

This course is a 2-part series. Each part is 1 month and is an Exchange of $150. (Yes you can choose to only take one part – though I highly recommend taking both, and one Does build on the other – if you only want a particular aspect, make sure you have a background in the previous info, so you don’t get lost) 

This will be a part lecture, part demonstration/interaction based. If you are wanting to follow along and make medicines in this ONLINE class you will receive the list of things to acquire for each class, in the first session. 
***This part is ideal for those who are willing to forage for fresh herbs before class – though not entirely necessary. 

Syllabus for Herb I: Medicine Making

Week 1: Intro, Solubility, Teas & Decoctions  (Intro to Wildcrafting Tools & Ethics, Medicine Making Tools, Types of Menstruums, Herbal Definitions. )

Week 2: Wine, Incense & Smoke Blends. 

Week 3: Ratio’s & Tinctures. 

Week 4: Q&A, Open Temple Time, Show & Tell.  [Break from core material for Integration]

Week 5: Liniments, Poultices & Compresses. 

Week 6: Infused Oils, Salves & Essences. 

Week 7: Syrups, Lozenges & Candy

Week 8: Q&A, Open Temple Time, Show & Tell from Homework Crafting.

Build Your Own Apothecary Course
(For these Times)
A 4 week Course: April 8th – 29th 2020 Wed evenings)

This course includes topics on Assessment, Prevention, Treatment & Recovery from Viral Infections, plus materia medica on 12-15 obtainable plants that may be useful for this time.  These classes will be recorded (Audio only) and uploaded within 48 hours of the class ending. Digital Notes will be provided and Homework assignment to further personal understandings.  Gain online clinical experience through the scheduled Wellness clinics. Things like Medicine Making will be covered as part of its own course (Likely Module 2), or with bits here and there in class sessions and Wellness Clinic). If you want to take the jet plane of learning this course is for you. 

Contact me at MountainWomanMedicine@gmail.com to let me know if your interest.  
The Exchange for each Module is $150 (Contact me to discuss a Win/Win if this is hard)
To send your exchange and reserve your spot in the class, send funds to: http://www.paypal.me/MntWomanMED
Registration closes April 5th.

Deep Love from The Mountain!


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