A History of Past Events

[2020-current update in progress]


Jan-Feb:  InnerCartography 1 (A 6 week Online Class/Delve)
March-April:  Herb II – Emergency Holistic Medicine (6 week Online Class)
June: Herb III (Dosha’s, Botany & Plant ID) A 3 day Camping Intensive
July: Herb IV (Essences, Energetics & Signatures) A 3 day Camping Intensive
August: Herb V (Plant & Human Energetics) A 3 day Camping Intensive
September: InnerCartography Group Intensive (1 day event)


[2017 & 2018]

Monthly Women’s Moon Lodges. (At Nemeton)  March – October 2018

March 25th [Weaving the Willow Room
April 15th [Cracking Open the Seed]
May 13th [Breaking Cycles]
June 17th [Guardianship]
July 15th [Harvest Abundance]
August 11th [Leo Gathering]
Sept 23rd [General Moon Lodge – As apart of event “Removing Obstacles”.
Oct 31st Walk of Souls – Private Event
Nov – Dec [Herb 1 – Medicine Making}

Smashing Lodge  (At Nemeton)

May 27th (1pm-5pm)
Sept 23rd (As apart of “Removing Obstacles” event – see above)

Rose Garden SacredFire

SacredFire, mindWaking music, ceremony, community.  Bring a snack to share, donation to Nemeton, instruments to play, something to sit on and please, Come As You Are.
***August 9th 2017 6-10pm

Soaking Tub Symantics

Twin fires: one to warm At, one to warm IN.  Full soak or foot soak in a hot wood fired bathing tub.  Sip a beverage, listen to The Mountain song and lets talk symantics.  No! not the silly kind, rather the kind that invites a shift in launguage, a deeper understanding of what is REALLY going on.  Lets delve.  Delve into the waters, into the mind and hearts and talk about whats REALLY GOING ON!  Bring a snack to share, Towel, Something to sit on, Donation for Nemeton and an open mind!
***Wed – August 16th 2017

Tiki Lounge [Hosted by DJ HyperSloth]

May 1st – August 2nd
Occurred every Wednesday night 6-10pm
Food, Friends, Fire, good drink, good talks.
[No longer ongoing]

Samhain Walk of Souls.   (At Nemeton)
Oct 31st 


Monthly Women’s Moon Lodges  [March – Oct)

March 5th  [Worm, Sap & Crow Moon]
April 9th  [The Ways of Women Under a Super Moon]
May 21st  [Egyptian “Blue” Moon Rite & The Building of the Willow “Womb” Room]
June 25th  [Rose Moon}
July  30th
August 27th  [Honoring Beauty]
Oct 1st  [Winter’s deepening work]

Samhain Walk of Souls – Oct 31st



A Weekend Herbal Intensive: The Makings & Usage of a Home Apothecary.
August 28th – 30th 2015, @ Nemeton (Endicott NY)

Samhain: Walk of Souls:
Oct 31st 2015



2 thoughts on “Calendar of Events

  1. Lovely to meet you and go on your foraging walk at Lionsgate .
    Thank you for opening my mind to the medicine around us . I will embrace my mugwort with new perspective , why it’s showing up and what it wants to teach me.

    Liked by 1 person

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