Build Your Own Apothecary Course (Module 1)
(For these Times)
A 4 week Course: April 8th – 29th Wed evenings) 

This course includes topics on Assessment, Prevention, Treatment & Recovery from Viral Infections, plus materia medica on 12-15 obtainable plants that may be useful for this time.  These classes will be recorded (Audio only) and uploaded within 48 hours of the class ending. Digital Notes will be provided and Homework assignment to further personal understandings.  Gain online clinical experience through the scheduled Wellness clinics. Things like Medicine Making will be covered as part of its own course (Likely Module 2), or with bits here and there in class sessions and Wellness Clinic). If you want to take the jet plane of learning this course is for you. 

Contact me at to let me know if your interest.  
The Exchange for each Module is $150 (Contact me to discuss a Win/Win if this is hard)
To send your exchange and reserve your spot in the class, send funds to:
Registration closes April 5th.

Deep Love from The Mountain!

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