April ‘20 – May ‘20

Entering the Season of the Pillars. As the sun warms the land, so do we begin our formation of gatherings for the summer. This is Course work around trainings for: Holding Community Wellness Clinics, Becoming Trusted TouchStones (Guardians / Watchers). *In these courses we will have guest speakers as well as core curriculum.

**Each of the 2 months will have a core topic that is relevant to what is needed NOW. 3weeks with curriculum 1wk of Q&A & Mini Dives. $150 per month (speak to me about other arrangements)

Concurrent running events on The Nemeton Mountain that you are invited to attend & Practice this work. (All events ON The Mountain begin in May. See the Nemeton Calendar for Details)

  • Weekly Reality Free Wednesday’s: Meeting of The Minds & Open Medicine Music Jam. (Suggested Donation $10)
  • Wellness Clinic. May 10th, 23rd & 31st. Come learn how how to make various herbal medicines or schedule a session for a Wellness Consult. Suggested Donation $10-50.
  • SmashLodge: May 9th. A Ritual of Release. (Suggested donation $25)
  • PermaJam: May 15th-17th. Clan Based Event. Come play in The Wellness Clan! $125-$175.
  • MoonLodge, WolfLodge & Unity Fire. May 23rd. An honoring to our unique paths. (Suggested donation $20)
  • InnerCartography Deep Dive. May 29th – 30th. Hot Tub soaks, fire cooked food, 2 day camping Intensive. Cost: $100

February ’20- March ’20

Traversing the Emotional Bridges. The work of InnerCartography continues as we delve into our emotions and reactions. With the “Emotions, Empaths & Empathy” & “Anxiety, PTSD & Dissociation” courses.

November ’19 – January’20

Welcome to InnerCartography Season

Enter the Dark Months.
This is a great opportunity to go withIN.

InnerCartography = “Inner Mapping”
For the Purpose of Clarity, Healing, Accountability, Trajectory (knowing where your heading). Knowing oneself is necessary for authentic expression.

I use several systems that all compliment each other in expressing the vast spectrums of humanity and divine expression. Human Design, Gene Keys, Iching, Archetypes, Astrology, Pattern Recognition, Emotional Bridges.

In order to Accept ourselves we must be willing to face our inner wounds, expel any infection and open the wounds to healing. Keeping it hidden only allows it to fester and grow in ways we can’t see. “Hurts thrown down into a basement become Monsters that attempt to control us and others in its efforts to survive”.

In accepting our wounds we must go down to the basement and befriend the monster that we locked up, knowing that at its core it’s layers of hurts not the anger that it looks like now. 

Join me on this 4 month plunge.
It begins with IC Module 1 “The Retreat into Self”

InnerCartography Module 1 

“The Retreat Into Self” (part 1)

We all have a Vision and Mission in life (whether we know it or not). To know ourselves, is a big part of the game. To know others is another part. Human design helps us discover ourselves, our strengths, roles, challenges and lanes. It also helps figure out who we will naturally gravitate to and who will help us accomplish our Vision & Mission in life. This system allows you to use Keys to unlock the secrets of your Being and how you interact in the world. It offers an opportunity. If this resonates, then these modules are for you. 


Join me in this (first of four) 3 week delve of The Retreat Into Self. We’ll be working with the First Stage of Human Design and Gene Keys, where we will be studying two streams of Mapping simultaneously. One being Understanding Human Mechanics (Human Design) and the other a Contemplation of our Possible Spectrums (Gene Keys).

Human Design 

(A Study of Mechanics)

Mechanics can be a strange and wonderful tool. To be able to look at something Objectively is deeply valuable, like looking at a schematic while you’re building something. It’s like a simple math equation for humanity. (It can also feel harsh and uncompassionate at times). With this system we’ll be looking at ways in which we can feel our own internal Strategy (which comes from understanding your Type) and knowing how to make decisions from YOUR Authority (not someone else’s). We’ll also explore and gain an understanding of how we Walk Through The World, Consciously & Unconsciously (Profiles). 

Gene Keys

(A system that supports the Compassion, Expansion and Transformation through a gentle and deeeeep plunge into the spectrums of consciousness. 

We’ll be working through the Activation Sequence, also called Your Genius (the outer ring of your Gene Key Chart). Discovering what it might mean to look at like in terms of a Life Path, of having a consistent Evolutionary path we take in growing, if having a map to our health in terms of what makes us Radiant & what our purpose might look like in the midst of all of that. and how that shows us how to dance with our Challenges, our Breakthroughs and what it is that creates our Core Stability. 

Have had a personal 1:1 with me to go over the basic aspects of YOUR Human Design chart.
(For new students this Session is $90 or you can discuss other arrangements with me.)

For this Course, You must have: 

  • Online access 
  • An Ability and Willingness to spend 1-3 hours per week doing out of class reading time. 
  • Registered for the Module 5 days before the Module begins.

These Modules Includes:

  • (3) 2 hour online class sessions via Zoom
  • Access to Slack Channels that hold all downloadable documents for the duration of the course . 
  • A private chat space to ask questions. 
    • You may participate to the level of your comfort. Choosing to pass on sharing during discussion time if you wish. 
    • Be present on video if you wish or by audio only.  
    • If you miss a class, audio recordings of the Live class will be available within 2 days of the class. 
  • Notes. Diagrams. Pictures. 
  • Digital Workbook (for Module 1) 
  • Recommended Reading List 

Cost for each Monthly Module is $150

(Or speak to me about other arrangements)

To Register: Email me at

*** Scholarship opportunities depend on donations. If you wish to support others work, please donate through PayPal to and specify “Scholarships”.  

More info coming soon on Modules 2, 3 & 4.

Take one Module or take them all.
*Must take in order, or have been doing equivalent work.

$150 per Module.

***All Modules have a 13 person cap. Register ASAP to claim you spot.

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