Welcome to “Alchemy of The Seasons”.

 MWM’s Calendar of Classes

Here on The Mountain of Nemeton we Walk With The Seasons, on the Teaching side I take a yearly ride around the “Alchemy of the Seasons Calendar”. Where each Season is dedicated to a topic that is appropriate for internal and external growth. YOU get to choose how long you ride The Train for! You can sign up for a single course (be mindful- some Courses are multi parts – meaning they stretch over a couple few months.) Or choose to stay on the course ride for as long as you want. (***Until further notice ALL of these courses are being offered online) Typically the summer ones are offered in-person on The Mountain – but for 2020 they are all online (through Zoom & Slack).

May-September (Herbal Studies & Practices)
October (Journey Work
November-January (InnerCartography)
February-March (Traversing Emotional Bridges
April (Intro to Pillars Work) *which continues privately through the year. 

The general flow is 3 weeks of intense delving and 1 week of gentle integration, Q&A, Open Temple times (where others can join by student invitation). Wednesday Evenings have & continue to be our meeting days. (This could change by mine & group approval) The deepest way you can journey with me is to jump on the train and take it for a whole year’s cycle.
You Can also just take pieces and parts as it suits you.

The exchange is $150/month. 

If this is hard, there are other exchange options listed in the Registration link below.

Next Course on the Calendar is listed Below!

All right everyone. Here it is! “All Aboard” for:
Herb I: Medicine Making!!

This may be the only time I teach Herbal Medicine Making this year. If you know how I teach, then be ready for an 8 week jet plane, blow your mind with info, type of course. 

This course is a 2-part series. Each part is 1 month and is an Exchange of $150. (Yes you can choose to only take one part – though I highly recommend taking both, and one Does build on the other – if you only want a particular aspect, make sure you have a background in the previous info, so you don’t get lost) 

This will be a part lecture, part demonstration/interaction based. If you are wanting to follow along and make medicines in this ONLINE class you will receive the list of things to acquire for each class, in the first session. 
***This part is ideal for those who are willing to forage for fresh herbs before class – though not entirely necessary. 

Syllabus for Herb I: Medicine Making

Week 1: Intro, Solubility, Teas & Decoctions  (Intro to Wildcrafting Tools & Ethics, Medicine Making Tools, Types of Menstruums, Herbal Definitions. )

Week 2: Wine, Incense & Smoke Blends. 

Week 3: Ratio’s & Tinctures. 

Week 4: Q&A, Open Temple Time, Show & Tell.  [Break from core material for Integration]

Week 5: Liniments, Poultices & Compresses. 

Week 6: Infused Oils, Salves & Essences. 

Week 7: Syrups, Lozenges & Candy

Week 8: Q&A, Open Temple Time, Show & Tell from Homework Crafting. 

Click to Register Here for Herb I: Medicine Making

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