InnerCartography is a collection of tools, resources, mindsets and practices that support us learning and relate to the spectral relations between our various internal parts and the threads and tapestries of the world around us.

These are some of the various tools used in InnerCartography.
Human design
Gene Keys
Emotional Bridges
Chakra systems
Quantum science (esp in mental praxcise)

These are aspects that can assist in creating a topographical map of your inner and in-relationship world. Your life and the experiences you live are your maps’ terrain.

*Remember: Maps are not people and people are not Maps.
It is often more efficient to to know where to apply medicines for support towards a specific Trajection.

Think of it a little-like reverse engineering what you Need for the place where you Are.

Human Design

Mechanics & flow of human energy systems. How they can relate inside of self & in relationship with others.

Gene Keys

A Spectrum based multi layered, interconnected interlocking Journey through our Shadow, Shine & Source, personally, In-Relationship and In-Collaboration.

Emotional Bridges

Emotional & Elemental reflections of our journey through our sensory system. How & where we can make personal decisions with our emotions.