How it works, what’s the flow… for 2021-‘22

First, check out this link on What is InnerCartography Then read more about the Human Design aspect below.

Human Design is a mechanical look at energy systems and flow. Mechanics can be a strange and wonderful tool. To be able to look at something Objectively is deeply valuable, like looking at a schematic while you’re building something. It’s like a simple math equation for the many varied facets of huvinity (our Human & Divine). It can also feel harsh and uncompassionate at times. (Schematics serve as blueprints.)

Module 1 summary (November)

With this system we’ll be looking at ways in which we can feel our own internal Strategy (which comes from understanding our Energy Type) and knowing how to make decisions from YOUR Authority (not someone else’s). We’ll also explore and gain an understanding of how we Walk Through The World, Consciously & Unconsciously (Profiles). 

Module 2 Summary (December)

Here we will study the 9 Centers of the bodygraphy in their Defined (Constant), Undefined (Lessons & Wisdoms) and In Relationship.  Here we will study from our own lived experiences, inside of this mapping system, the various Effects (Changes) and Affects (Impacts that cause Change)  within each other.   

Module 3 Summary (January)

Channels are threads & flavors of internal connections that connect the centers together like streams gather to a river (Think Mobius Strip). Gates (that make up Channels – also called Keys) are a microcosmic delve into spectral based unique personal expressions. Lastly we will cover the basics on Reading The Map, which is essentially developing the skills and intuition to study Mechanics to better understand projections, opportunities for expansion, & connection.