Build Your Own ApothecaryIMG_3398
Customizable Options:

  1. Individual items priced separately
        (Inventory List Here)
  2. OR Pick any 3 items for $55 one time.
  3. OR Choose a monthly payment plan of $55/month:
    • 3 items will be shipped to you each month. 
    • (Recurring payment -until you stop it,
    • Shipping NOT included)
  4. OR Buy the Whole Kit up front.
              Prices vary…
        (for example, an 18pc kit is ~ $500.
        Each person may choose their pieces, so final cost may vary. 

(Students receive 20% off their choice of kit)
Those who pay with Crypto Currency receive 10% off. 
Accepting Cash, Card or Paypal

Build Your Own Apothecary (First Aid Kit)
The Tradesman’s Herbal Kit
Mama & Baby Herbal Kit
Herbal Wound Kit
Sprains, Strains & Breaks Herbal Kit
Herbal Anti-Anxiety Kit
LadyBits Herbal Kit
Herbal Respiratory Support Kit
Plant Your “Herbal Garden” Seed Kit
Dragon Kit (for your inner grump)
Flower & Stone Essences

To start the process of determining what you might need in your kit, it requires filling out this form and then having a conversations with me. (I work on approximately 3 kits per 2 weeks – so if there has been a rush, it may take me a couple weeks to get back to you. I will respond as soon as I am able!

Click here to fill out the Build Your Own Apothecary (BYOA) Questionnaire

Made with mostly science, a lot of love and a smattering of Mountain Magic…

FDA Disclaimer: These are Herbal Dietary Supplements. Not meant to diagnose, cure or effect diseases. Tis wise to educate yourself and check in with your Dr prior to using.

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