Rainique’s Herbal Products

Infused oils are where a particular plant has been allowed to steep in a particular carrier oil for a certain length of time.  Both fresh and dried plants are often used and infusion may be assisted with heat or not.  Length of steeping time is often determined by the water content of the plants, the higher the water content the less time the plant stays in the liquid, but also the more frequent that the plant matter is changed out for a fresh batch (most often slightly wilted to decrease water content).

To View/Order Infused Oils, please go here.

Tinctures are plants extracted into alcohol, this creates a highly stable way of utilizing plants year-round and on-the-go.  Their shelf life, if kept in the cool and dark, is often 10+ years.  Dosages are often in drops, dropperfuls or teaspoons, so the amount of alcohol ingested is minimal.
To View/Order Tinctures, please go here.


More to come….
Teas, Syrups, Cordials, Poultices, Salves, Liniments…


Made with mostly science, a lot of love and a smattering of magic…


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