Tools & Trades of My Craft

Human design, astrology, tarot, runes, mirrors, spirit messages, dream interpretation, fire gazing, spirit walkAbouts, relationship therapy, ShadowWork, facilitated journey’s and rituals, Sacred Fire, herbal medicines, plant allies, herbal classes, plant identification walks, essential oil usage, holistic health consultations, psychic & empathetic readings, channeling, mediumship, sacred tool creation, fetishes, amulets, items of power, SacredEdge work, business wrangling, TechQkin, Organatrix, Scribe Priestess, Space Holding, DeathDoula, post death honoring, birthing rituals, naming ceremonies, Rites of Passage rituals, hand-fasting, ritual body art & modification, sacred adornment, medications, daily practices, TinyLiving, group facilitation, pop-up Medical Ops/Healers Sanctuary for gatherings… and many more.

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