My Passion is Collective & Communal Wellness, through Individual Wellness.
Click here to learn more about my work with Community Wellness at Events with the Nemeton Wellness Collective.

My Methodology in this work is to look at things from a Holistic Perspective.  Typically that’s assessing a combination of things…

  1. The Person.
    Their Constitution, and what their baseline normally is and where they are NOW (Physically and to some degree mentally & emotionally)
  2. The Issue: (ei: covid-19)
    The known Science,  Constitution & Energetics of the Dis-Ease, where it originates and how it might present.
  3. The Plants & other supports:
    Their Energetics & Constituents, what is available ON HAND – Shipments may be difficult of some. (Plant identification, Wildcrafting, Medicine Making, Formulation, Dosage, Monitoring & Recording.

My particular brand of herbalism spans the science and into the magic and back again. In laymen’s terms I use my experience gained from being a nurse and paramedic for 12 years in the field with the factual & historical wisdom gained from classes, teachers, mentors and good old fashioned research and experimentation, together with my own intuition and ‘gut instinct’ from years experienced, to pick up on subtle details about both plants and people. Utilizing these pathways I create formulations that suit each other for common predictable problems (formulations = combinations of plants). When working with a specific problems I’ll often use Simples (Simple’s – one plant), flower essence or homeopathy. When working with people I look at them through the eyes of a paramedic and nurse, as well as a empathic creature that feels the ripple of their energy. I take the parts I see, sift them through filters of A&P and modern understanding of disease processes, Ayurvedic Doshas, Western Herbs, Energetics and women’s instinct/knowledge. I listen to the cycles of the moon and sun, creatures and seasons, people, and most importantly my own spirit. It is from these that I create medicines and offer them in exchange to those who would seek them.

I am not a licensed doctor, nor do I ever tell someone how they should take care of their bodies. What I do is seek to offer information that people may better educate themselves on the choices that are right for them, that assist them on their chosen path of health and wellness in mind body & spirit. When I refer to herbs as medicine, I am referring to their ability to generate a chance within the body, in the same vein that food is often considered to be a medicine or even a toxin in some people. (ei: to some, gluten is a toxin, so anything containing an element of wheat has the ability to elicit a negative outcome) In the case with herbs, a properly chosen herb or combination thereof has the potential to elicit a change. Herbs will not cure you. An increase in general awareness of self, what it needs, what its likely to tell you it needs and that those things are not always inline with each other…. seeing this misalignment and doing something about will often elicit a chance, towards the desired outcome. But this means work folks! Work on your part for doing the self seeking and work for those of whom you ask for help finding the information you need to make needed changes. The medicines I make are for my own purpose, to which sometimes I am asked to trade. I often exchange such medicines for goods, money or services. This is not a storefront nor am I a salesperson. Rather I am a Wyld Woman who lives with the land, sharing her stories, writings and rewriting them as I travel through this world trading experiences, wisdom and understandings with people and wild things alike.

Medicines I make

  1. Tinctures -Simples & Formulations
  2. Infused oils – Simples and Formulations
  3. Salves
  4. Syrups
  5. Washes / Liniments
  6. Loose Tea Blends
  7. Bath Soak Teas
  8. Wine / Mead
  9. Lozenges & Candy
  10. Various Spa treatments

Note on Endangered Species
Medicines that contain endangered species plants are generally cultivated on my home turf and harvested with care to proper propagation of the species or gifted.

Any questions feel free to ask in the comments!
Many Wellness BlissBlessings from The Mountain!


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