2019 Product Update is In Process…

Click HERE to visit “The Tribal Shop of Curiosities to view MWM products.

Here’s a peek at the New Products that will be available come mid-end of summer 2019.

  • Build Your Own Apothecary (first aid kits)
  • The Tradesman’s Herbal Kit
  • Mama & Baby Herbal Kit
  • Herbal Wound Kit
  • Sprains, Strains & Breaks Herbal Kit
  • Herbal Anti-Anxiety Kit
  • LadyBits Herbal Kit
  • Herbal Respiratory Support Kit
  • Plant Your “Herbal Garden” Seed Kit
  • Dragon Kit (for your inner grump)
  • Flower & Stone Essences
  • Herb class downloadables.
  • A ‘Complete-at-Your-Pace’ Personal InnerCartography course.

Made with mostly science, a lot of love and a smattering of Mountain Magic…

Malachite Stone Essence just finishing its Brew

Please contact me directly if you know what you are wanting. (

Lotsa Love from The Mountain



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