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Welcome to a revolutionary concept. Building Your Own Apothecary. Personal Sovereignty Tool Boxes. Emergency Holistic Apothecaries.

Times are getting stranger… and in times of conflict it is best to be prepared. Here on The Mountain at Nemeton, we live and play with Preparedness in mind. It’s part of our Permaculture Design, our way of life and how plan for the future. SelfCare Now.

To that end, The Mountain & Mountain Woman Medicine offer to those that seek it, the opportunity to craft personal SelfCare Toolboxes for your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Supports.

Each kit is crafted in a personalized Ammo Box, complete with stickers, copper Talismans, the herbs that have been chosen in a special consult along with a Materia medica outlining the uses for each item.

**These kits are all made by hand, 80% of the herbs are grown/wildcrafted and made into their formulas ON The Mountain. Do note that there is a 4-6 week eating period that happens from time of contact to delivery…. especially if certain things are out of season!

There many Herbal Simples (1plant in 1 Bottle). Some basic general formulas that can be hand tweaked with other Simples to suit personal need. As well as many different forms of herbal craftings. From Tinctures, to Salves, Liniments, Teas, Lozenges, Candies, Incenses, Smoke Blends, Liquid & Burnable smudges, Succi’s (Concentrated juice extracts) and more always being created every day. **Some things are only available while they are available…

This 80 pc Kit is for supporting a small community, village or event of 200 or less for about a month.

Customizable Options:

  1. Have an in-depth consultation with me and Buy the Whole Kit up front. This ranges from $250 – $3,000!Depending in many factors… (for example, one 18pc kit for a client serving a family of 5 was ~ $1,000) To start this process, begin by filling out the Questionaire below.
  2. For refills you can enroll in a monthly program where you can Pick any 3 items for $55.
    • Recurring payment -until you stop it,
    • Shipping NOT included)
    • Current Inventory List can be viewed Here. *Note, this changes regularly.

(Students of MWM who are currently enrolled on one of the AOTS Courses can receive 20% off their choice of kit upon request)
Those who pay with Crypto Currency receive 10% off.
Accepting Exchanges through
PayPal, Square or Crypto.

Here’s some idea of some kinds of boxes that folks have requested…..

  • Tradesman’s Herbal Kit
  • Mama & Baby Herbal Kit
  • Herbal Wound Kit
  • Sprains, Strains & Breaks Herbal Kit
  • Herbal Anti-Anxiety Kit
  • LadyBits Herbal Kit
  • Herbal Respiratory Support Kit
  • Plant Your “Herbal Garden” Seed Kit
  • Dragon Kit (for your inner grump)
  • Flower & Stone Essences
  • Pirates Herbal Line
  • StreetMedic’s Kit

To start the process of determining what you might need in your kit, it requires filling out the form below and then having a conversations with me. (I work on approximately 3 kits per 2 weeks – so if there has been a rush, it may take me a couple weeks to get back to you. I will respond as soon as I am able! Feel invited to stay in touch during this time! Joining our Slack Community is a great way to do this!! Link to join MWM & Nemeton Slack.

Made with mostly science, a lot of love and a smattering of Mountain Magic…


FDA Disclaimer: Do keep in mind that these are SelfCare Tools. They have not been through approval by FDA, they are considered Herbal Dietary supplements and I am not a physician, nor am I prescribing. These Products are Not meant to diagnose, cure or treat Disease. It IS Best Practice to educate yourself and check in with your Dr prior to using.

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