InnerCartography: The Study, Creation and Acceptance of one’s own Inner Workings.


As all transactions go (both spirit & human), there is a balanced exchange that must occur.

The Value is ~$250 per hr
Please Exchange what you can.

***Barter, Trades, packages & sliding scale are also acceptable. Win/Win/win dynamics are my delight. Paypal, Venmo & crypto are all options.

***All proceeds go to support Nemeton & it’s Land Stewards.

I help people map how their inner mechanics works, how and why their body may responds the way it does, and where they can locate their “inner drive”. Helping them to make sense of the nonsensicalness on THIS plane and their place in it.

That is a super simple generalized version of what I do. The depths of an individual is most often a unique solitary dance of bent shadows, twisted memories, dark and slinky halls filled with terror, all closed behind a door, with a sign “no trespassing”.

I am a Shadow Tracker.
I listen, hear, I love and understand.
I track, weave, stack lenses and share insights.

[Remember the story, “A Christmas Carol”?  Think of me kinda like a “Ghost of Christmas Past”  …”Present” and “…Future”.  They took him on a journey through his past, present and future. Showing him where his actions cause/d an effect.]   

I balance gentleness where there is rawness, fiercegentleness where there is oppression, and a deeply grounded neutrality of Holding Space for the vastness that is the human capacity of expression.

MapMaking is both simple and uniquely complicated business. For when we know the terrain of our own Being (or another’s), we can better navigate the world and our relationship with All Things.  We are composed of so many things, our divine essence, our human expression (our shadows), the choices we make, the stories we hold dear, what we value, how we spend our time, the inner dialogue of our head, and how we interact with others.

My process takes a blend of Deep Listening, ShadowTracking, and implementation of various systems to help you understand and create your own mapping (Understanding) of Self and to learn better relating skills with others.


I am not always everyone’s Cup of Tea. I’m the no-nonsense mountain woman who will show you where shadows lie, how to hear them and how to hear what they are Really saying. 
If you’re not in a place for that, I may not be For You.  AND.  If I am not for you, I will suggest other alternatives that may support your journey. 

**This work requires a Willingness to Experiment. To be guided to the Right Questions. The point here is to be curious.  To Become The Seeker.  You choose how you delve, and for how long! For me, this is a life long study of the dance of humanity.

(These are some of the visual tools that I use in this work.

There’s many ways to use the resulting finds.

These are some of the reasons people come to see me for…… and some of the questions they are trying to answer….

Inward Use: Creating personal manifestos “what am I here for?”, discovering ones own authority “How do I know what decisions to make?”, making choices that send you towards your mission/goals “How can I know what my mission is?”, a sense of knowing where you are in the world “Where do I matter in this world?”.

Outward Use: Connecting with others in Your Lane, so bigger work gets done. Collaborations with others who are also asking questions on this later.  Understanding your clients or employees, and being able to serve or delegate work that suits them. This work is also suitable for small group scale or for as large as a CEO who manages many other people toward a common goal.

Schedule some time with me. Share what is Real Right Now for You.
And Let’s talk!

Sessions can be one time, scheduled reoccurring or intermittent as needed.

*For group InnerCartography, a individual understanding is necessary, as well as a general sense of how others may be working in their designs; then we can go into the deeper work of Mission Trajection.

I invite you to join me over in the InnerCartography Facebook Group!
InnerCartography Classes start up again Oct / Nov 2022!

Click HERE to check out the upcoming Courses!!

If you wanting to get a hint of a taste for the depth of work that I get into, hop on over and read up on the The Shadow Series Archive.


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