Take-It-At-Your-Own-Pace AOTSS Courses

A Branch of the Alchemy Of The Seasons School.

Over this next year each of the courses offered through the Alchemy Of The Seasons School (AOTSS) will become part of the Take-It-At-Your-Pace curriculum.

Here’s how it works, you get:

  • 3 sessions that each contain videos, audios, notes, slideshows & resources. 
  • 3 two hour group Q&A’s to visit (offered twice a month) 
  • 3 months to complete. 

You Exchange via one of the following. 

  • 3 sets of Sliding scales
    • “I’m in Financial Need” Rate
      • $75 – $150
    • Standard Rate for Community
      • $250
    • Pay-It-Forward Rate / Retail Full Price
      • $500 – $800
  • 3 scholarships offered to those with a Vision for service who wish to Expand. (Application process)
  • 3 Barter Trades for service to AOTSS or The Mnt. (Pre-approval required)

It’s offered to you in this way: 

  • A Private Discord for communications, class forum and sharing content. 
  • Zoom for the live session (requires stable internet connection and/or a device that can connect to zoom via phone line or WiFi)

You may register at any point you like. Once you register you have 3 months to complete the course. (Extenuating circumstances may apply for extension)