Hi Beautiful,

Please take a moment to breathe in a deep Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring “Welcome”!

Here in this Realm we are focused on being IN service to self, so we can be OF service to others. It can be a hard road, AND it is so deeply and profoundly important. If this calls to your soul, then know this… you are important here, if you Choose to be here.

Choice is what makes our Matter Matter.

Here you are invited to bring your Whole Being, there is no “too big” here. In fact, you’ll start to see that its actually a requirement if you really dive in…

Here on Nemeton -The Mountain, a NYS NonProfit, we dance and weave many a Lens (perspectives), all towards seeking internal growth, understanding & empowered service, from a place of Authority & Ability to Act. (Sovereignty & Agency). We weave with Herbal Medicines, InnerCartography, holistic perspectives & models, ceremonial journey work through our shadows and into our Gifts, growing and supporting ourselves and each other into Pillars of Support for the Community (Common-Unity).

We are deeply aware of the many influences that have made it difficult in our collective society to BE this way, let alone use it in our personal worlds or out in main stream. Never the less it is our Mission! Bridging Mountain and Mainstream – from The Mountain!

“You see, you have to dance to your own simple beat,
never mind those around you who are stomping their feet.
For they are not you and you are not they,
for its deep in your own skin you simply must stay. 
We are all simple creatures, simple creatures of being,
seeking to understand this life we seeing.
Spirits sunk deep in rock, root and bone,
trying to experience this life we have already known.”

~Raine E. Ford (MWM)

Here we listen, to The Mountain (Nature), to ourselves & to each Other. We build from the Small to the Large detail, from the inside to the outside, from our thoughts/words to our actions/behaviors.
We support from a place holding many things as True at the same time. We teach from a place of lived experience & we Guide & Guardian physical Beings and Spaces with integrity & full spectrum compassion. We do this though the Alchemy Of The Seasons School (AOTS), though The Mountain (Nemeton), and through the personal daily practices of the individuals in the The Hermitville (The Stewards of The Mountain).

You, if you choose to be part of this journey in some fashion, are responsible to bring a Willingness to show up as your authentic self, to commit to constant never ending progress, to curiosity, learning, sharing & to honor our own and others Huvinity (Human & Divine self)

One thing you should know about us…. we really go there, gleefully so. From cemetery dancer, dancing-releasing our grief on all the graves of that which has been lost, while also reaching high & deep into the Gifts & Delights that we are here to bring in service, equipped with tools to share, to help build a new world.

I’m Raine Ford. Of Mountain Woman Medicine
Welcome to our Map of offerings to The World,
straight from The Mountain to you!

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**Mountain Woman Medicine is not a business in the traditional way, its a Practice. We work for The Mountain, Nemeton (A NYS Non Profit, serving as a HumanEarth Sanctuary & Learning Community.) All proceeds, donations and scholarships come to and from The Mountain.