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What is “Medicine” & Why is it Necessary?

If I may, I'd like to invite you to a perspective for a moment. To a world where it is important to see Truths reflected across many spectrums (from nature to, emotions to, to predictable patterns and language) Medicine is the thing that causes shifts. It's simply that. A catalyst. Whether its a shift in... Continue Reading →


To the Awakening of Humanity

[This is a conversation that's best had over a cup of hot tea, while overlooking a shifting shifting landscape view, in a state of deep heart open pondering, alone or with another of equal harmony. Since you are not here and I am not there, these words instead dance across a page, painting a wordscape.... Continue Reading →

Meet Ups!!

Did you know there’s a Community Garden that looking for members in Endicott NY?!? * Have you heard of RealityFree Wednesday?? You'll find that there too! Come follow Nemeton on Meet Up where you can hear first hand when the new events are opening. Such as: Target Tuesday’s Friday's Garden 2 Plate (cooking classes) Community... Continue Reading →

Mobile WalkAbout:November 10, 2016 at 02:20AM

At Nemeton 2 more spaces were revealed & co-created with nature this fall (2016)!!! The Mad Hatters Tea Parlor (social fire, feasting & muttering) and the Rose Zen Garden (listening, contemplation & connection). These spaces were neigh on impassible earlier in the year, due to shear volume of brush, brambles and trees. More details and... Continue Reading →

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