If I may, I’d like to invite you to a perspective for a moment. To a world where it is important to see Truths reflected across many spectrums (from nature to, emotions to, to predictable patterns and language) Medicine is the thing that causes shifts. It’s simply that. A catalyst.

Whether its a shift in hormones due to birth control pills, or a shift in nerves due to a relaxing tea. Or maybe that event you went to that allowed you to open up to Love in an entirely new way.  Its ALL Medicine. There are sooo many varieties and variations…..

Yes. Even that chest griping fear, the heart wrenching sorrow, that blinding anger or that knee jerk jealousy. (They are internal catalyst that show you where YOU are human. WHAT you do with them (the feelings) defines what comes after the catalyst.

Some medicine (catalysts) target your connection to your own spirit first, some your emotions, others your mind. The most common is physically; and a new-to-era, technology, our interconnectedness. Yes!!! It’s a THING in this world. And since all are interconnected they all eventually influence the others, to various degrees…

Here they are, with examples.

  1.  Physical **Activity, Food, Plants, physical medicines.
  2. Mental **Talking / Listening / Thoughts / journaling
  1. Emotional **Music / Movement / Connection / Feeling
  1. Spiritual / Energetic **Ceremony, Transformational experiences, Intuition, Inspirings.
  1. Digital **Social Media, Smart devices, Interconnections. Tribe. Hubs. Web.

(Yes yes YES! I know I’m using the word “Medicine” in a way that’s almost-crazy-like ‘not normal’. I did invite you to a Different perspective. 😉 )

In this world, what you choose in those 5 categories, is what your life is born from.

I invite you to consider what Your Medicine is?

Some times, for me, a simple WalkAbout through a garden, singing a spur of the moment heart song is all that’s needed to make a Shift happen.

Flip That Script!

Deep Love from The Mountain.


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