[This is a conversation that’s best had over a cup of hot tea, while overlooking a shifting shifting landscape view, in a state of deep heart open pondering, alone or with another of equal harmony. Since you are not here and I am not there, these words instead dance across a page, painting a wordscape. Please tune your mind as though the above is a present reality, while reading the following]

The age of Selfishness and fear is ending.  No amount of revolution or denial will reverse where we have come to. The very foundation of this society is built upon fear-based decision making and self serving.

There are many who will resist this change, and so that too is part of reality. It is in fact part of the Forking of Humanity, as we move away from what we have been into what we will be. The minds obsessive grip with suffering and separateness must be eradicated.  Many will resist this mutation and that too is a part of what must be, they are not a part of what is to come and that must be respected.

This leaving behind is painful for many, it feels like death, falling out of love, losing something or leaving something behind.  In fact we are… This is the true cause or Birthing of That PainPoint, that IT MUST HAPPEN and we MUST LET IT. Leave behind those that don’t want to change, and PURSUE CHANGE.  Cease conversing with those that refute and dispute everything at every turn. Leave-Be conversations that drag down your ISness . And leave-be those that cause strife to the New Way of Being.  It’s not heartless in fact it’s the deepest form of compassion you can have.  To accept a thing or a person Right Where They Are. We don’t get to Change A Single Thing.  That’s for the THING to decide. Part of owning our own reality is to realize that it’s the only thing that can be changed. Ourselves. Let’s get into the alignment of staying out of people’s business cease trying to change others and focus on changing ourselves.

Much of How we perceive and use the energy of Love, is changing. Love is not the thing most think it is. There is this thing where people feel they’ve earned love, that it’s “owed” to them.  There is this sense of expectation that love must come their way, in the way that they want it to. I want a “blah blah, monogamous, or polyamous, blah blah, sexy, smart, gender xyz. The search for love has become like some ready-to-order meal…

You see, true love, is NOT about what you get in return.  That’s akin to loving the food you consume because it tastes good to you.

Here’s an analogy (see reference below): Say you’re a fisherman, You love fish, so you eat fish. Right…  You pulled it out of the water, killed it and boiled it and ate it… because you Love fish… ?  You don’t love fish, you love yourself, and because it tastes good and you need food, you eat it. So much of what is called ”Love” these days is Fish Love. A similar thing happens in relationships.  A young couple fall in love. Each thinking the other will be providing for their physical and emotional needs. Each thinks that is love, but really they are each just looking out for their own needs. That’s not love for the other, that’s love that become a vehicle for self gratification/internal love/self Love. External love is, “what I’m going to give?”, Not “what am I going to get?”.  There is a serious mistake in thinking that you give to those whom you love, the real answer is, You Love Those to whom you Give. The point is, in giving to someone, you’ve invested yourself in that person. Time, energy, brain power, compassion, empathy, hugs these are all ways in which we invest part of ourselves IN another person. And because we are wired to love ourselves first (referee to fish love) Now that part of me has become in you, there’s now part of me in you that I love.

True love, is a love of giving, not of receiving. These issues around love are surfacing in our communities when we discuss topics such as abusive relationships, supporting our ‘friends’ and demeaning certain behaviors unacceptable while also still showing up and bringing our open-hearted deep transparent love. Love is not comfortable. It’s not even about that!  Love is a thing we DO/give, not a thing we expect to get. That’s expecting something from “love” that IT can’t give! In living from the wrong mindset we set ourselves up for failure at the onset. Let’s make a huge difference by each simply choosing to longer do THAT. #simplechangescompound

One of the stimulus for growth is the state of being uncomfortable.  Discomfort requires us to break out of our last known comfort zone and do something different.  If the discomfort is embraced willingly, high frequency growth occurs. If we won’t react to the stimulus of growth, if we fight it (reactive), or run from it (repressive), the Shadow/You  is/are holding the frequency at a lower vibration. This is where it’s painfully clear. You are the one in your own way. Times of stress are also times of growth, if the challenges get used properly.

Let’s talk comfort zones for a moment. Comfort zones is where the terrain feels familiar.  Ever wonder why a person who experienced abuse growing up would ever end up in abusive relationships?  This is often, deeply, subtle due to the abuse feeling familiar, and thus it’s easy to miss the warnings signs.  Wanting so desperately to be loved, that the signs of danger ar interpreted as “part of the norm” and dismissed out to turn. How tolerant of pain are you?? While healthy in the ways of survival, tolerance to pain becomes an impediment when it comes to thriving.

This Forking of Humanity has a direct correlation to the split between those who choose to dance with their shadows and those who are ruled by them. (Either to repression side or to reactionary side.)  To put it another way, people will choose to choose or they won’t choose at all, that is the decision point of the forking at its simplicity.

This decision point knows no boundaries.

You will recognize a forking occurring in your reality when you have no reference point for the behaviors you are confronted with in yourself or others.  (No matter your age, your race, your gender). This is a point where you have a choice to grow, or stay the same. Say, you experience a vicious behavior that is directly encountering your reality.  What do you do? Well, if you knew what to do, you’d just do it, not think about it. But if you have no reference for it, then it’s all a head Experience, trying to understand this thing that you’ve got no reference point for.  You see, reference points are important, their road markers along the journey we’ve traveled, Ei: We’ve walked down that road! This forking side is when we HAVEN’T EVER had THAT Experience before, and it shakes us, makes us questions, get angry, gets us heated, whatever! This unfamiliar territory is where it’s ripe for exploration, like conversations revolving around the structure of a system for creating and maintain safe space at our sacred events!!  It’s no longer enough to judge, sentence and dismiss. It’s time we DEAL. No matter how long it takes, how much energy it requires. Those that know and feel this mission will feel it stirring in their bones that THIS IS IMPORTANT. That’s how you’ll know. It’s a CALL that comes. Like the echoing luring call of the owl in the night, it will guide you.

How we show and share love with others is also at a Fork. Look at the rise in numbers of folks who have come forward and said that certain actions are unacceptable. Calling out behaviors that are no longer acceptable and can no longer remain hidden.  We are a living breathing organism, this earth we live on, and it and we are going through some major growth spurts.  Not talking about topics because they are too large or too overwhelming isn’t going to work anymore. The things that are waking up are demanding to be heard, and will become increasingly violent, until that connection is made.  It’s not enough, anymore, to yell “there’s a problem!”.  We need action, in every little form and every little way. No role is too small, unless you are Doing Nothing. I went mostly silent publicly for several years, not because of throwing my hands up and doing nothing, but because I needed to Deeeply Understand what was going on, not just react to the latest symptom.

This New Way of Being requires Active Participation in life. In every interaction and every circumstance.  Many will cry here “but, its too hard!” to do so and maintain a life in these current circumstances. To that I say look to the Mountains for Medicine.  Do not sit at its feet and wail, get up and climb it.

(It takes as long as it takes.)  Some will choose a simpler life, some will learn how to masterfully juggle. To each their skills!  What are your skills?  This is the work of Shadow Integration. It’s no longer enough to say I need to do ShadowWork (of course you do!) It’s Time to dance with our shadows and learn the gifts that we bring that are disguised in our shadows.  Let’s build a Network of Shadow Integration.  (A new way of looking at SIN, if you will…Shadow Integration Network. *snicker snicker* )


• “So much of what is love, is fish love.” – Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski

• 49th Gene Key, The Forking of the Species; Richard Rudd

With Deepest of Mountain Love,


You must dance to your own simple beat

Never mind those around you who are stomping their feet

For they are not you, and you are not they.

For it is deep in your own skin you simply must stay.

We are all simple creatures, simple creatures of Being,

Trying to understand this life we are seeing.

Spirits sunk deep in rock root and bone,

Trying to understand this life we have already known.”


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