“Being held with compassion, power and herbs.”


“Well-rounded, articulate, passionate herbalist.”


“Concocts enlightenment with Elderberry mead!”


“Eyes that truly saw me, ears that truly heard me, a heart that truly felt me and arms that wrapped strongly around me, teaching me trust, understanding and love.”


“She’s like a Sherlock Homes for your inner world.”


“Raine is amazingly insightful with her application of natural medicines and a true pleasure to be around. If you are contemplating learning anything about natural medicines, she is a library of knowledge and can direct you to even more sources on your own quest.”


“Raine has a wealth of knowledge and energy that she gives so abundantly. I love coming up to the mountain n having her show me how to work with different planets to make medicine that really stems from my own needs n instincts n learning how to trust that. Thank you Raine for opening your heart, your home n your mind to me and sharing all this beautiful Mountain Woman Medicine. I can’t wait to do more 💓”


“It’s taken me a week to finally find the words to describe my experience of Herb III: Botany, Plant ID, and the Doshas
(2020 Course).

The botany session on Friday was a dive into identifying plants by their component parts. Raine’s explanation of how to use the Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide gave me a new language to use to figure out what a plant is. I totally geeked out on the science of the whole thing. It felt really empowering to pick a plant and be able to key it out on my own and know what it is. On Saturday we worked with the Doshas. I had a surface knowledge coming in and had always had an interest in learning more. This session was exactly what I needed to get inspired and invigorated to utilize the Doshas more when identifying what is going wrong with my body or my mind and what to do to bring things back into balance. As we were going over the information, I immediately began to recognize their attributes in myself and people I know.

The Elemental Lodge was…WOW. Raine, Brandon, and Raye worked together to create an intensely immersive experience that corresponded with each Dosha and reinforced it’s qualities. This gave me a new layer of understanding to assimilate and put in my toolbox for later. And on a another level, it blew my heart wide open. The things we did were simple, but their impact was complex and deeply moving physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They helped me step outside of my everyday mind and wholly into my body. I felt like I returned to a childlike innocence, when deep connection with myself and with nature was joyful and magical and not perceived as weird, imaginary, wrong, and not important. I’m still working on processing the whole thing. What a gift…

The plant walkabout on Sunday was light and fun. It was great to begin to use the new language that I learned in the botany session. I’m very excited to continue this on my land.

Herb III was a deep soul connecting weekend with nature, myself, and the staff at Nemeton. Feeling as though I was definitely right where I was supposed to be was quite profound. I am soooo excited to go back up for Herb IV Essences, Energetics, and Signatures. I look forward to a new understanding of the language of plants and how they maintain and support health in the body.”

Plus also, the hot tub was amazing.”


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