Discovering the Soul’s Work

A few pieces of vocabulary before we dive in. **Don’t get to Dogmatic in the vocab - as these definitions are a point where science and metaphysical understandings have many grey areas… as it’s difficult to “Prove”, except through one’s own experience. So rather than look for Proof outside of you, look for it WithIN … Continue reading Discovering the Soul’s Work


Emergency Holistic Wellness

The next course in Mountain Woman Medicine's "Alchemy of the Seasons School" is Herb II: Emergency Holistic Wellness. When I first began working with Plants as Medicine it was for the direct purpose of tending to myself, whereever I was, with what I could find or already had planned, on-hand. Over the years it evolved … Continue reading Emergency Holistic Wellness

MWM Interview

Mountain Woman Medicine was recently interviewed by the Natural Medicine group on Steemit. Here’s the full article! Purrrrrr. Delicious questions. ☺️🐾❤️🐾

[This week, we're featuring @mtnwomanmedicine. She's a medicine goddess from the mountains, in deep with herbs and nurturing an amazing sustainable landscape called Nemeton.]

What is “Medicine” & Why is it Necessary?

If I may, I'd like to invite you to a perspective for a moment. To a world where it is important to see Truths reflected across many spectrums (from nature to, emotions to, to predictable patterns and language) Medicine is the thing that causes shifts. It's simply that. A catalyst. Whether its a shift in … Continue reading What is “Medicine” & Why is it Necessary?

The Forking of Humanity

[This is a conversation that's best had over a cup of hot tea, while overlooking a shifting shifting landscape view, in a state of deep heart open pondering, alone or with another of equal harmony. Since you are not here and I am not there, these words instead dance across a page, painting a wordscape. … Continue reading The Forking of Humanity

Shadow Work #4: Change, Patience, Actions and Collaboration.

Have you ever heard a response to someone in pain that began with, “You just have to turn inward and love yourself”? While it certainly doesn't transmit love and support very well, and it's definitely not much of an actual help in that moment in a distressed person’s life, it is also deeply true. In … Continue reading Shadow Work #4: Change, Patience, Actions and Collaboration.

Shadow Work #3: Shadow Play, Separateness and Practicality

Years ago, in the deep woods on another mountain, I played frequently with my shadow. I studied It’s nature. My shadow was on the ground in front of me...or behind me... I watched the patterns change throughout the day as the sun would slide into the horizon. Short silhouette shadows or long scrawny grey ones … Continue reading Shadow Work #3: Shadow Play, Separateness and Practicality