Once upon a time I swore I had a heart, until the world I came to know, tore it all apart.

So as I bent to pick up the tear (rain) soaked leaves from my garden, those pages of my book of dreams, I swore this to myself….

Be selective with the people you let in your life and… Allow no strife to go unresolved.

Choose wisely your companions and… Be humble in your dealings.

Decide the Line/Lane and Hold it… Grab your bow and string it. (Trust in Allah and… And tie your damn camel!)

If someone is offended, that doesn’t automatically make you wrong.

Your truth is just that, YOUR truth.

Talk straight the truths you feel, just don’t go knockin others over like a bowling pin.

Don’t let small-minded people make you feel small, when you’re in fact actually rather tall.

Don’t let haters bring you down, don’t let them shake up your day.

And Never Ever apologize for standing on the ground you were born too.

Now I find I love to love. And no longer hate those who caused me pain. 

I’ve just left it all behind. Kept on walking. Rejoicing in what I Have, not what’s been lost.

So with all these pieces I choose, I found the strength to have a heart again, only this time on my terms.

No longer was my heart to be dictated to, how it would function, who it would love and to what extent. 

I found there is this thing called Family. And I found there are those who just aren’t. 

And then found that both can be ok, if I just understand which they are and how they fit. 

I realized that not everyone needs to see my inner-workings, for in the past I have full view to all. 

In That place I was Made and Undone by the whims of humans.

Many tried to lay claim to being the master of my clay, the creator of my design…. Now isn’t it a good thing my true Dom isn’t human. 😈

Still I keep my sword sharp, yet use my words far more often.

Still I sleep with one eye open, Yet now with a contented heart.

Still I Rage, because I KNOW. And…. I have found my calm deep purrrrey prowl.

This “Battle Born Skin Shifter” has finely sound her feet firmly planted on the earth.

And I will always take the road less traveled, just to see beyond the next ridge. 

By Raine E. Ford. (Dec 19 2013)

Battle-Born Shin-Shifter

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