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In These Times it is The Middle Path that can effect change in a Sustainable and Trackable way. It blend the core values from both sides (from past to current) and leaves behind the outdated model.

A few aspects are being called up that warrant deeper understandings from now through spring. This is just an outline of what I discussed in the video for ease of reference.

  • Jupiter & Uranus Squaring in Taurus: The Catalyzing (Changing/restructuring) of our Laws/Code & Expansions, with regards to our material resources $, Worth, 
  • Full Moon in Leo (Jan 28th – Wolf Moon)
  • New Moon in Aquarius (Feb 11th)
  • Mercury in Retrograde (Jan 31st – Feb 20th) with 3 shifting weeks before and after. 
  • Planets in Taurus: Mars & Uranus: Taurus is a fixed earth sign, HOLDING a  fixed order.  This Way / not that way. (Material manifestation, body, money, Worth)
  • Planets in Aquarius: Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Jupiter & Saturn. Here we Go! Shifting deeper into the age of Aquarius. (collective consciousness, getting together to do things, groups) Aquarius is a fixed air sign, fixing a specific way of perceiving things, Social media, ET’s, media, marketing.
    • Put your money where your mouth is. Walk your Talk. Invest in concrete things,
    • Support others without falling into the victim / savior role.
    • Money is not to be discounted, as it’s a reflection of commitment and time, It’s an expression of our willingness. (And it’s not just money – it’s whatever our abundance is, and remember Abundance is a matter of Perception, and so is Freedom)

Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, all these tools are just lenses to see spirit. When we come from the mind we get lost in semantics and limitations. It gets fixated. When we come from our hearts we can know more then we ever “know” in our minds. Its a time of miracles where anything can come out, IF it comes from the heart. The Soul is trying to birth through the heart – Open it up. Let it Soar.

It takes discipline to birth a soul. Stay Open and push out out your Radiance.
Love is Sanctuary and it’s also the sword & shield (protector / defender).

Spirituality is so ridiculously simple, what you have within you is all that you need. These are things that you mind can never know. (This is the greatest gift we can give ourselves in this time from now until Valentines day.) Its not cuddly energy, its a beacon energy. Look at things that truly move you, full on, almost to the point of pain) Feeling is deeply important. Let your heart swell with gratitude, appreciation & simple joys.

Astrology, Human Design, Gene Key hybrid view of the volatile energies in play Jan 20th-Spring 2021

Physical Practical Prep

Keep the body in balance

Drink water! Hydrate. You may not feel thirsty this time of year, so it needs to be a mindfulness practice. try drinking 6-8 oz at a time instead of sipping in water through the day. This will get more water in you at once and help to keep those rapid trips to the bathroom to a minimum.

Use a humidifier if you live in the North, or boil a couple pots of water down in the stove (sinus can flare up in response to the dryness in the air from heating our homes). Don’t let pots boil dry and use a fan to distribute through the house if you have an enclosed kitchen

Make meals as balanced as possible (protein, starches & veggies) or take a multi vitamin. The importance of what we feed our physical bodies is as of high importance as what we feed our minds.

Keep your inner core temp stable. Hot water bottles and scarves/shawls are good friends right now.

Use herbal allies to support your wellness

  • Oatmeal, Mullein, Okra of you are dry
  • Sage, yarrow, and other astringents if you are too moist/wet/drippy.
  • Ginger, Beebalm, onion, garlic if you are sticky/congested
  • Cornsilk, goldenrod) to release built up waters
  • This is to just name a few, as always connect with other plant people if you are struggling and Always listen to your body.
Me on The Mountain, at Nemeton (Jan 16th 2021)

Emotional, Mental & Spiritual (Energetic) Prep

Mental: stay out of your head – it’s not there to live in. The stories you tell yourself about why you are where you are likely not the whole of the truth or even outright lies.

Do what it takes to start feeling if you don’t normally. Or work on Balance your emotions if you are prone to feeling too much.

Have a daily practice for centering your mind and inviting your spirit forward. (Do. It. Daily) 

Make mindful, slow and small changes to keep it all sustainable. 

Choose your battles. Wisely. If you go for it, stay until you get to the Gold

Choose the things from the past that still pertain to the present, leave the rest. Behind 

To grow, is to leave something behind and to take in something new. (Like climbing the rings of a spiraling ladder).

Resource Links:

Below are some links to help you get connected to others of similar trajectory in the communal sense.

  • Nemeton: A HumanEarth Sanctuary & Learning Community.
  • Alchemy Of The Seasons School: Brought to you by Nemeton Wellness Collective & Mountain Woman Medicine. Next Course coming up: Traversing Emotional Bridges (Starts Feb 3rd 2021)
  • PermaJAM: Building Regenerative Community. This is a community who can choose to actively grow together, Sustainable, in these times. Follow them in the FB group to get connected with Talking Circles upcoming this spring.
  • Sangoma: BridgeBuilder, Mystical School of Alchemy, a Grandmother guiding & teaching in the Native Americans & African traditions.
  • JWOW: BridgeBuilder, Growing the Collective through the Language of Inclusion.


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