MWM Interview

Mountain Woman Medicine was recently interviewed by the Natural Medicine group on Steemit. Here’s the full article! Purrrrrr. Delicious questions. ☺️🐾❤️🐾 This week, we're featuring @mtnwomanmedicine. She's a medicine goddess from the mountains, in deep with herbs and nurturing an amazing sustainable landscape called Nemeton. We hope you enjoy her thoughtful, detailed and informative replies! Constantly... Continue Reading →


#2 in The Shadow Series: Language Surrounding Shadow (part 1/3)

Shadow Language It is important to understand as we move through these next few topics is that language is a thing that wakes the mind from its slumber. Here's the conundrum: we need to talk about the multitudes of things that can live inside of one body. The shadow being only one aspect that, even... Continue Reading →

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