MWM Interview

Mountain Woman Medicine was recently interviewed by the Natural Medicine group on Steemit. Here’s the full article! Purrrrrr. Delicious questions. ☺️🐾❤️🐾

[This week, we're featuring @mtnwomanmedicine. She's a medicine goddess from the mountains, in deep with herbs and nurturing an amazing sustainable landscape called Nemeton.]


Down the Crooked Little Road…

If you're used to walking the road, straight and narrow. And then by chance find yourself down a crooked little road. Here's a few things you might consider. No matter how hard you might try, and I bet that you will... Roads just don't listen when you tell them to straighten up. And if you … Continue reading Down the Crooked Little Road…

Today’s Gatherings & Musings

Harvested  - Impatiens capensis, Plantago Major and Cerastium vulgatum into a skin wash for inflammation.  Made Sage and Rosemary Tincture from home grown plants. Started 2nd batch of Comfrey oil and 2nd batch of Rose & Witchhazel. Dried Mellissa official and Mentha Spp. ahh its been quite the day! Red and Blue follow through Soaring and … Continue reading Today’s Gatherings & Musings