“The Spirit & Science of Mountain Medicine”

So what is  “Mountain Woman Medicine” anyway…?

To put it Simply. I’m a woman livin on a mountain, in a cozy tinyHouse, surrounded by Beautiful, Practical, Functional items and outdoor spaces that have been crafted with spirit and many helping hands. From the stock tank wood-fired soaking tub, to the woven living willow room, fire circles, walking trails, gardens, the flock of birds. They are all and each intricate pieces to life out here on this mountain that was carved out of raw land that didn’t even have a driveway to access the land when I began. It is this Mountain that gives this Woman her Mission, from walking that mission comes the Medicine.

My function in this Mission is to anchor the frequency of emerging consciousness and awakenedness. I am a Frequency Holder. Here to generate consciousness through the activities of daily life, through my interactions with other, and through “Just Being”. Living in this way shows me how to endow the seemingly insignificant with profound meaning. The task brings deep acceptance into the world by being absolutely present in whatever I am doing. I find the sacred in everything I do.  It’s the lifestyle. A Daily Practice that I take with me wherever I Am. It’s the daily experiences, physically, mentally and emotionally that it takes to live this close to nature and thrive. Physically hauling buckets of water from the house to the chicken coop twice a day during winter, clearing again and again, year after year, the leaves and fallen debris from altars and sacred spaces. Using my body, no matter if it’s moving like an 80 year old woman at the time – I just move slower – always moving, reminding my body it’s alive. There’s many moving processes to maintaining this lifestyle, let alone the mental organization to grow the project. Living alone on a dark rural mountain alongside of many kinds of wildlife certainly had its scare-rousing moments. I learned I can Not let fear get the best of me. Period. Vast ranges of emotions from excited tender ministrations of spring newborns, to the ruthless honoring dismantling of that same sweet chick turned unacceptably aggressive rooster come fall and him gracing the table as a stew. Talk about a roller coaster ride in That learning curve! My point being that, that it’s all a training ground, this Mountain way of Being.

Here at MWM it’s not always fun, easy or even desired by some in modern perception. It IS filled with growth, understanding, mind cleaning, body engaging soul feeding engagement. The same goes for myself. I am not everyone’s medicine, nor their cup of tea. For those that venture to speak to this mountain woman, they are met with laughter filled eyes, a blunt way of speaking and an attitude that stems from humorously observing truths in their various forms of ISness.

Let’s talk “Medicine” what is it and why’s it important. For me, Medicine is whatever is needed to alter the current trajectory. Whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally and typically it’s a blend. This can be hard truths, herbal medicines, practical applications or experiences. There are many kinds of medicines!  If a thing of great beauty can bring you great joy, and if joy is in the eye of the beholder, then joy is indeed within our grasp and our control, for we are surrounded by much beauty in the world (alongside all the dark and twisted).

So, What’s so special about what I do?

I offer medicines tailored to the persons specific needs, to support them from when they were when they were not Ok (pain points in younger or past selves), who they are Now that’s trying to strengthen and also help bridge them to their future growth.

This shows up in the bottled herbs, deep focused intense sessions of time spent, and the willingness to plunge off the edge of their discomfort into the world they are meant for.

Credentials. I’ve learned and used many tools along the way in my life. My spirit, herbal and holistic travels that began 26 years ago have become one of my greatest assets, as well as the various university medical trainings, degrees and hands on work experience as a paramedic, nurse and firefighter, shaman neophyte and clinical herbalist. It is a life of experimentation and living to my soul design and helping others find their unique edge.  Using the Tools & Trades of My Craft, I identify and assist others with finding and living to their soul’s design and to deepening their human experience.  [Click here for my list of credentials]

“The Mountain” at Nemeton: A HumanEarth Sanctuary & Learning Community
That link will take you to our sister page where you can learn more about our Host for events, such as Women’s Moon Lodges, Smashing Lodge Ceremony’s,  Samhain “Walk of Souls”, RealityFree Wednesdays, Community Gardening and Herbal Intensives.

Feel invited to check out The Nemeton’s Calendar to see whats happening!  (Don’t forget to fill out our Visitors Form if you have interest in joining me/us on The Mountain for a Session, Class or Intensive.)

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  1. I am so glad that there is such a collection of knowledge and resources available here and someone who is dedicated to the art so masterfully.

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  2. You are a trove of knowledge and good vibes. For this I am most humbly thankful. Keep on Empowering, Healing and Uplifting the mind. body and spirit.

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