“Mountain Medicines, Spoken in the Language of Science”

Mountain Medicine in my world, So what is  “Mountain Woman Medicine” anyway…

It is as simple as, it’s the medicines & lessons I’ve learned and gathered in my travels through many mountains, and yet as layered as a back-to-roots philosophy that says, “go where it is the deepest and darkest and THERE you will find your truth.  Travel through the dark under canopy of the mountains, climb those steep seemingly insurmountable passages to get to where you can only just barely stand.  Find your edge.   Find your tallest mountain and you will find your dimensio

It is a life of experimentation and living to my soul design and helping others find their unique edge.  Using Tools & Trades of My Craft, I identify and assist others with finding and living to their soul’s design.

Blog, AKA Mutterings & Musings of a Semi Cantankerous Mountain Woman:
In this blog you will find many discussions surrounding sustainable living practices, from herbal rants, to building projects & plans, to gut splitting stories and antics of all the wild things. Welcome to Nemeton, the Place of beginnings, where anything is possible if you can dream it and stay focused.

Nemeton: Healers Sanctuary & Travelers Waystation
If you wish to learn more about this Spiritual Sanctuary and down-to-earth-living project and host of events, such as Women’s Moon Lodges, Smashing Therapy Sessions & NVC Ceremony, and Samhain Walk of Souls, occurring in the Southern Teir of NY please visit here.  (This is in transition to its own website!  Coming Soon!)

Healing Consultations
My work as a Healer is about empowering people to make wise self-care decisions from a place of being well-informed. I’ve been trained and received experience in herbalism, empathy, shaman process, nursing, researcher, tutor/educator, . My goal is to assist in creating manageable healthcare goals, to inform, to provide resources and to encourage individuals to fully embrace and Live & Love their life.  Some of my passions to that end include Woman’s Health, Home Birthing and mental & emotional Wellness.
I can be sought out for emotional consultations and we can walk through issues that are deep seated and I can show you how to get off the mery-go-round of stories that hold you back from your Greatness. (the choice is as always at the end of the day, yours to make)
You may also seek me out for guidance and assistance in the realms of the supernatural, I look for and find the hidden messages, utilizing a language known only between me and spirit.  I do this through dream interpretation, messages in the everyday world, walkAbouts, spiritSonging, danceTrancing and various other methods..  I can help you begin to open to the magic already present in your own world.

Emphatic Readings & Channeling of Messages:
For those times when you need access to something that is hidden from you currently.

Overview of Herb Courses and Classes:
This is a good page to find the syllabus of herb classes being offered, as well as my focus and methodology as a teacher.  Look through and determine for yourself if a Rainique Herb Course is for you.

Handmade Herbal Products:
From teas & tinctures, to salves & syrups, liniments and washes, poultices and oils, many of these and more can be found here at Nemeton.  Created from organic, mostly local and wildcrafted, these plants are lovingly transformed into mind, body and spirit balancing medicines.

Antics & Recounts
Need I say more?  Read on if you need a lift, a laugh or an inspiring story!

(Last updated Sept 30th 2017)


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  1. I am so glad that there is such a collection of knowledge and resources available here and someone who is dedicated to the art so masterfully.


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