I’ve danced as a Paramedic, Firefighter, Teacher, Student, Herbalist, Creator, ShadowTracker & Visionary; Bringing Marginalized Wellness worlds together.


  • EMT-Paramedic (graduated from Broome Community College with Associates Degree in Paramedic Science. ‘02
  • 2 years Paramedic Crew Chief experience in high call volume EMS agencies.)’02-’04
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Binghamton University. (NY) Spring ‘09
  • Graduate of Northeast School of Botanical Medicine (Ithaca NY) Oct ‘09. Had been working with herbal medicine since ‘96 informally.
  • Studied with JWOW and their Language of Inclusion, Welcome & Empowerment since 2009, and Augmentoring & Collaborating since 2018
  • Began Human Design experiment in 2011 and Gene Key contemplations in 2014.
  • Working in event based Medical Teams / Community Wellness since 2012, hired as Medical & Safety Lead since 2016 in various iterations for various events around the Northeast US. (Some of the events have been: Unifier Festival, PermaJam, Portal Burn, Spirit Fire Festival, Rites of Spring & Forest Dance.)  
  • Opened a School called Alchemy Of The Seasons in 2019
    • Teaching herbal medicine making, plant identification, human and plant constitutions & energetics, Emergency Holistic Medicine (herbal & modern first aid) since 2015
    • Teaching / Guiding journeys related to Mapping ones Inner world (InnerCartography) since 2019.
    • Supporting and Guidian-ing “Pillars” in the community, “TouchStones” of support and accountability, & Guardianship.
      (leaders, teachers and healers of tomorrow)
    • Facilitating & offering basic structures for Journey Work. through ritual & ceremony.


  • Firefighter (Interior training with SCBA) ‘99-’01 with East Maine Fire Department (NY)
  • Incident Command Training 2001; in-the-field experience as EMT-Paramedic. 
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS Cert) 2003
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS Cert) 2003
  • EMT Clinical Instructor for Broome County NY ‘99-‘04. 
  • Tutored microbiology, chemistry & anatomy & physiology at Broome Community College: ‘01 & ‘08

*She currently holds no active certifications or licensures (by Choice). Feel invited to ask her why if you feel so inclined.