If you’re used to walking the road, straight and narrow.
And then by chance find yourself down a crooked little road.
Here’s a few things you might consider.
No matter how hard you might try, and I bet that you will…
Roads just don’t listen when you tell them to straighten up.
And if you try to make them, and I’m sure you have…
let me tell you, that’s just an effort in futility.
It’s not about not workin hard enough,
It’s about finding another way.
Its not about, “What if I fail?”.
Its about “Where do we go from here?”.
The only place you are is Here.
So if by some chance you find yourself down a crooked little road…
Then try this…
Embrace the crooked. Fall in love with where you are, with who you are, right now, right here. And if you find that hard to do, try dancing down that crooked little road! Yes, dancing! Hey, you might just find yourself laughing, even if only at yourself. Let’s take ourselves a little less seriously. Have fun with the roads of life, they’re just roads after all.



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