MWM Interview

Mountain Woman Medicine was recently interviewed by the Natural Medicine group on Steemit. Here’s the full article! Purrrrrr. Delicious questions. ☺️🐾❤️🐾 This week, we’re featuring @mtnwomanmedicine. She’s a medicine goddess from the mountains, in deep with herbs and nurturing an amazing sustainable landscape called Nemeton. We hope you enjoy her thoughtful, detailed and informative replies! Constantly amazed at what incredible stories arise from this series, and … Continue reading MWM Interview

Rose & Lavender in Witch-hazel

This time of year I perpetually find myself day-dreaming of all of the lovely herbal concoctions I’ll be making come warm weather.  It is in those times I can almost smell the scent of the multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora) wafting across Nemeton Hill. To me, their’s is a scent of sweet wild abandon, warm humid starry nights and bright fall-red rose-hips.  Rose, together with lavender are … Continue reading Rose & Lavender in Witch-hazel

Today’s Gatherings & Musings

Harvested  – Impatiens capensis, Plantago Major and Cerastium vulgatum into a skin wash for inflammation.  Made Sage and Rosemary Tincture from home grown plants. Started 2nd batch of Comfrey oil and 2nd batch of Rose & Witchhazel. Dried Mellissa official and Mentha Spp. ahh its been quite the day! Red and Blue follow through Soaring and blurring along the ride. Twisting and flowing, err be going … Continue reading Today’s Gatherings & Musings