Harvested  – Impatiens capensis, Plantago Major and Cerastium vulgatum into a skin wash for inflammation. 

Made Sage and Rosemary Tincture from home grown plants.

Started 2nd batch of Comfrey oil and 2nd batch of Rose & Witchhazel.

Dried Mellissa official and Mentha Spp.

ahh its been quite the day!

Red and Blue follow through
Soaring and blurring along the ride.
Twisting and flowing, err be going
There I was, side by side.

Twist ‘n kink, bumps in the flow.
Hinder the passers-on-by…
Wither their a knowing
Or wither their a flowing
life continues to whirl on by.

Whirly bob bird ticking off the hours
Whirly bob bird bringin in the morn…
I both love and hate that Whirly bob bird
Though I’d never looked upon her with scorn.


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