Hello Dear Ones…

The following are the festivals that I will be going to this summer, as well as the herbal items I plan on bringing.  If there is something specific that is not on the list, or you desire more then 1 or 2 on that list, please let me know.  Either by commenting to this post or sending me an email at Rainique_heka@hotmail.com

Festivals attending: 

NY Fairy Fest
Spirit Fire Festival

Grassroots Festival

Herbal Items already packed and ready to go 

Internal Usage:
Tinctures: Combo & Single
Elder ‘Tonic’
Teas: Cold/Flu, Warming, Sensual, Mood lifting, ect… See More
Herbal Smoking – Kinnikinnick
Syrups – Ginger, Throat coat, Cough Soother

External Usage
Herbal Bug Repellent
Burn Spray
Skin wash – Bugbites, poisen ivy, rashes, (skin inflammations)
Facial Spritzer
Salves: Injury, Arthritis, Fungal, Moisturizing, Shingles
Bath Soaks
Incense – Loose mixture – dont need charcoal


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