The next course in Mountain Woman Medicine’s “Alchemy of the Seasons School” is Herb II: Emergency Holistic Wellness.

When I first began working with Plants as Medicine it was for the direct purpose of tending to myself, whereever I was, with what I could find or already had planned, on-hand.

Over the years it evolved into a service I also offered to others, it always kept me curious, made me and others smile! What more could I ask for…

I will away love Mullein for being an invaluable Demulcent in my Apothecary, powerful in its Own Right, supportive to dry tissue in the respiratory track as well as the joints, as well as a great Allie in a Formula blend.

Rose holds another dear spot in my heart for being a Emotional Heart Soother, a gentle Nervine, that to me – whispers “Stay IN Your Heart” as it calms my frazzled nerves. 🌹

In these upcoming Modules We will discuss the Clinical aspects of Holistic Wellness from an Emergency Perspective. We’ll talk about what things we might want to have in our Emergency Apothecary Kits, covering roughly 45 First Aid Plants and roughly 35 common Ailments. We’ll discuss selecting the best plant for the current issue, crafting & pairing formulas and other holistic supports). With a focus on Wounds, Injuries, Nervous System Support, (Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma) Respiratory, and GI Tract.

*You DO NOT have to have taken Herb I to take this course, its simple the next in the series. Yes they do build on each other, as well as can be taken separately. (Herb I was on Medicine Making in the Apothecary)

This course is 2 modules in duration, that equates to 2 months in this Alchemy of the Seasons World. (every 3 weeks there is a Meeting at the Crossroads Session, that is open to all who have traveled these courses as well as new friends who are considering joining us.

Each Module’s Exchange is $150.
*IF this is hard, you can find other options of Exchange listed in the Registration Link below.

Each Course Session is Audio Recorded and posted after class. Each Session has Notes, Homework and sometimes Slides for viewing during our Zoom (Live Video Conference Session)

These Sessions meet Live on our Zoom Conference line on Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 PM EST. (Early arrival at 6:15pm for community check-in and social time.

Registration link: follow this link: & then follow the directions that get sent to the email that you share in the registration process.

I’m Excited to begin this delve into the realm of Emergency Holistic Wellness with ya’ll!!! 🌱❤️🐾

***These Courses are part of Nemeton‘s Offerings as a Non-Profit. 100% of proceeds goes to supporting its growth and reach in the community. (Your Exchange helps someone else!)

If you’d like to donate to the Wellness Collective at Nemeton. Please use This Link.


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