Preparing an Essence‘s is both a Mechanical process and an Energetic process. 

Essences support us.  

They do not function on a biomechanical level as we would identify it. 
(though, they can… Just don’t go looking for it to do that)

Much like the Plant Energetics, they communicate a language to us and with us, especially when we are LISTENING (ei: choosing awareness, Staying Open & Willing.)

I like to call them Affirmation Integration Tools.  For when we are fully onboard with the process, AND we bring the Essences into play, what we are actually doing is Integrating the Chosen experience deep into our bodies, minds & emotions. 

Disappointed is often the person who comes to Essences expecting them to do all the work. 
They do have their impact.  I have often given Rescue Remedy or Yarrow Flower Essence to a person who could only nod while deep in emotional pain, and within a few moments many of them have a Settling that comes about them. 

Use them with these understandings and you will find them a delight.  Especially for extremely sensitive individuals, who may not work well with strong tasting medicines.  

Making a Flower Essence

The first thing to do is Select a Clear, Dry Sunny Day, the next step is to Prepare Yourself. The energy with which you make flower essences affects the quality of the finished product, as energy is constantly pouring out of our hands. Be fully in the moment, completely present and in a very neutral (positive) state of mind. Take several deep breaths before beginning, to attune yourself with the essence-making process. You may want to take a flower essence to assist. (the choice is personal)

Gather & Clean Your Equipment.  You’ll need a clear glass bowl (deep clean — hot water and soap, then pure boiling water over it — this cleans & “sterilizes”  the bowl from previous use) then rinse it out with warm salt water (this clears any energetics it may have previously contained – do this every time!!)   Procure pure spring water, or boiled well water and high-quality brandy (40% alcohol) as a preservative. (Bottled spring water is fine; distilled is not. The ionization process used in distillation destroys the water’s life force energy in the water that is necessary to hold the essence’s potency.) Lastly, you’ll need a cloudless, sunny morning. For a Sun Extraction, every cloud passing over the sun breaks the flow of energy required to draw the life force out of the blossoms and into the water. (OR for a Heat Extraction: heat the water with the flowers in the bowl on a low (140 degrees or less) continuous heat for 3-4 hours)

Fill your cleaned bowl with the water you’ve chosen or prepared. Next, cover your fingers with a leaf from one of the plants or trees that you have selected so that you do not directly touch the blossoms. (or use chopsticks made from the plant itself)  Choose & Harvest the flowers as you would select fruit at the grocery store-the largest, freshest and most vibrant of the group at their peak of bloom. Pick those blossoms that grow in profusion, selecting only a few from each plant or tree so that the plant’s integrity is left intact. Work only with organically grown trees and plants whose natural growth is as undisturbed as possible.

Completely cover the surface of the water with the plucked flowers. Carry the bowl to a spot where no shadows, including your own, will pass over it, allow it to Infuse for 3-4 hours In the Direct Sun. At the end of that time, a  transformation has taken place – the life force of the blossoms has been infused into the water through the heat energy of the sun.

Carefully Skim Off the Flowers with a leaf from the plant and Pour Mother Essence into Dark Glass Bottle, only Fill Halfway. If you want to ensure that no blossoms will slip into the bottle, you can pour the Mother Essence through an organic unbleached coffee filter.  Fill  the rest of the bottle with Brandy.  (This makes the Mother Essence 20% alcohol).  The brandy serves two purposes: (1) it is a chemical preservative; and (2) it is considered to be an “anchor” to hold the subtle essence vibrations in the water.

Preparing Stone Essences

Choose a night with an energy marker that assists the stone or will assist/amplify/concentrate the energies that are being desired.  Use the same process of preparation as above, only this time you are placing the stone in the water and leaving under the moonlight or in a special place for gathering of that energy. Keep careful track of when, where and what energies were at play, keep it simple, put it on the label. I like to bring the Essences in before the sun hits them the next morning – so it is Essentially “Made in the Dark”, which, depending on what your crafting, have increased potency with the added layers of energetics….

Preserving & Storing The Essences

The Mother Essence is not taken directly. Rather a “Daughter Essence” is made from the Mother Essence and that is used (or you continue the process and then make a “Dosage Bottle” from the Daughter Essence. In this way the Essences can be used for many years.

To prepare a Daughter Essence (also called Stock Concentrate) , place 13 drops of Mother Essence in a one-ounce dark-glass bottle with a glass dropper, and fill the remainder of the bottle with half brandy and half spring water or boiled well water. Once the essence is made, keep it out of sunlight. 

You can make Dosage bottles from the Daughter or Stock Concentrate – making it last longer.  This does not affect its potency as these energies are not measured in the ways we would typically look at in forms of dilution. This requires adding two drops of Stock Concentrate to a one-ounce dark-glass dropper bottle, one tablespoon of brandy and then filling the bottle with spring water. (this will last about a month)

The dosage for both is: Undiluted 4 drops four times a day, under the tongue

Mother Essence, Stock Concentrate and Dosage Bottles should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place. Plastic droppers tend to react with the brandy and create an unpleasant taste, so glass is highly preferred.

Both the Stock Concentrate and Dosage Bottle essences may be added to water, juice or tea and sipped throughout the day. If flower essences are properly and hygienically prepared as described above, they will retain their potency for at least six to ten years.

For alcohol sensitive folks: including recovering alcoholics, children and those with candida or other health issues or those simply abstaining from alcohol, -the brandy may be left out of the Dosage Bottle if it is refrigerated. The bottle will retain its potency for a month’s time.

Both Stock and Dosage essences can be added to a boiling beverage so that the alcohol content evaporates mostly. 

The creative usage of flower essences is infinitely varied. Here are a few suggestions. 

  • Try 4 drops to in a small amount of oil for a massage. 
  • 4 drops in a misting bottle to spray exposed parts of the body; or the atmosphere (this method can be useful for Pop-up Wellness Clinics) 
  • A few drops in a bath 
  • Put a few drops into a vial and wear it or keep it on you. 
  • 4 drops in a baby’s bottle 
    • A nursing mother can take her baby’s essence so that he can receive it through her milk. 
    • This applies to animals as well. 
  • Add a couple of drops to your smoothies or morning drink. 
  • Place on acupressure points, meridians and/or pulse points. 

Taking the essences more frequently in an emergency situation. Remember that you’re working with vibrational/energetic remedies and not biochemical medications, the quantity is less important than the frequency. (Simply Take the essence more often)

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4 thoughts on “Making Flower & Stone Essences

  1. Oh! I wanted to ask a clarifying question:

    I know some essences are made with glycerin or salt water instead of brandy. Have you used those? Do you have proportion recommendations?

    Thanks, again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have not used those ways before and thus can not recommend.

      For me, the boiled local water holds the vibrations of the Energetics that are present here.

      In how I work with and understand energy, salt is a clearer of energies. Thus effecting the vibrations of the Essences being infused.

      And for me, glycerin would not be enough of a preservative to hold the Energetics stable in the water, or keep the water/Essence from having bacteria grow in it.

      I’m no way arguing with how others do it. Simply sharing my process.

      Wishing you much joy and delight in your creations!


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