Trajection is a tri-bridging word that dances with Direction, Trajectory & Projection.

Trajection: [Noun, Verb, Adjective]
A person’s Internal Direction (Motivation), with action based Trajectory aligned with a mission or purpose, while also considering the Projection that others may see/be impacted by. (also used as Trajectory)

Raine E. Ford (2021)

(Example #1) When Raine considered her Trajection On Mtn; ten years in. She realized it was with awareness of her own personal internal direction of knowing that she responds well to deep simplicity, being & communing with nature, appreciating being on the edge of community & also had a deep Mission she felt Called to. She had chosen the Trajectory of living in nature and got Called to The Mountain. While understanding that many might misconstrue along the way (Projection) and that she would get to learn that what others think is really none of her business and to allow herself to meet others Where They Are with What She/They Are -and with aligned folks- discover Ways together.

(Example #2) Matt felt called in his hearts direction of living in a practice based community, so he began a trajectory of simplifying his life so he could be nomadic while he found kin while also becoming aware that his current friends might not understand and have projections of him or his choices that he might not necessarily take into consideration or let impact him.

(Example #3) Stacey decided to experiment with her summer event experiences in a different way. She had an inner direction of being deeply fed inside the freedom of expression with aligned touch & kin, which led her to choosing her trajectory of lining up summer events to attend that contained many beloveds whom she felt safe with. She also became consciously more deeply aware of projections that can be assumed on a person by how they appear, act, share and invite, and so she chose to go slow and consciously communicate desired encounters so there were less misinterpretations.

(Example #4) Kuno felt a direction of heart-soul calling to be in darker skin spaces to explore and honor their own skin’s roots. So they choose a trajectory of events that at least were not-white-exclusive and choose to place some intentioned focus on visiting and helping to support dark skin only events. Becoming acutely aware that the projection of those choices would have unknown ripple effects. And did it anyway.