Today was a flurry of ‘gettin stuff done’! A bunch of projects endings culminated at once, leaving me feeling particularly productive in the land. Excited for this next weeks worth of adventures, from, food harvesting, to moon-lodge, to Pre-birthday visits from magical folks, to Portal Burn to finishing the syllabus for up coming events on the land this fall!!! I’m all a giddy with expansion. 🌀🕸 Had a mama mouse drop a pinky in my boot while she was attempting rapid relocation today. She came back for it. My thoughts were ‘you may have to die tomorrow, but today you live and are loved. And so it is so. #HomesteadingLife. Pleased to report the baby robins are doing wonderful! Mama bird barely pays me any mind now, gentle soft lovins, oh so mindfully. #HowToLoveARobin #nemet0n This one has opinions to share! 😆


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