Down the Crooked Little Road…

If you're used to walking the road, straight and narrow. And then by chance find yourself down a crooked little road. Here's a few things you might consider. No matter how hard you might try, and I bet that you will... Roads just don't listen when you tell them to straighten up. And if you … Continue reading Down the Crooked Little Road…

Lets Talk About Outdoor Showers…

If you've never had an outdoor shower you've missed quite the treat.  There's nothing quite like the warm setting sun glancing off the water drops, the sounds of the crickets and peepers putting on an auditory show while you bathe, the softest of wind brushing your cheek while the wind chimes sing a lovely melody. … Continue reading Lets Talk About Outdoor Showers…

Welcome to the new and improved website!  Formally known as Rainique Herbs, now known as  Here you will find info on herb classes, products and holistic consulting, as well as posts related to sustainable holistic living, various building projects, organic gardening and much more to come.  Please click here to enter this unique world, … Continue reading

Early Spring Herbal Musings… What can I play with in Feb??

So its early Feb up on the mountain here at Nemeton, we are about 6 hours away from a lovely snow storm and of course I am pondering what mischief I can get into in the woods in the thaw that should be coming around the bend here soon.  When the temperatures start to ascend … Continue reading Early Spring Herbal Musings… What can I play with in Feb??

An Ode to the Bee Balms & Goldenrods of Late Summer

Gathering Bee Balm (Mondarda Fistualis) on the eve of one the last warm days of summer 2013, on the mountain of Nemeton.  The scent of pine needles in the air, spicy fragrance of aster, bee balms and goldenrods, oh to the blessed harvest of this year with all the ripeness surrounding me.  Feeling so blessed … Continue reading An Ode to the Bee Balms & Goldenrods of Late Summer

The Teasing Tormenting Teasel

While walking through a local field checking on a vast supply of St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) found last year I stumbled across the base leaves of Teasel (Dipsacus sylvestris).   Looking around I noticed that it grows almost everywhere around here... so common!  This same day I was given a set of sheep skins by … Continue reading The Teasing Tormenting Teasel

Today’s Gatherings & Musings

Harvested  - Impatiens capensis, Plantago Major and Cerastium vulgatum into a skin wash for inflammation.  Made Sage and Rosemary Tincture from home grown plants. Started 2nd batch of Comfrey oil and 2nd batch of Rose & Witchhazel. Dried Mellissa official and Mentha Spp. ahh its been quite the day! Red and Blue follow through Soaring and … Continue reading Today’s Gatherings & Musings

Herbal Requests – Festival Vending 2010

Hello Dear Ones... The following are the festivals that I will be going to this summer, as well as the herbal items I plan on bringing.  If there is something specific that is not on the list, or you desire more then 1 or 2 on that list, please let me know.  Either by commenting … Continue reading Herbal Requests – Festival Vending 2010